Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today was a good day.
But in a good way.

The boys are now back in school, awe- I feel a sense of normalcy returning.
Although I do have to admit I miss sleeping in with the boys until 8 and not having to be in a hurry to go anywhere. That part is taking a bit more time to get back into the swing of things.

We've been late the past two mornings. Only to rush into school and find that I am not the only mom struggling to get back at it and are late too. Suddenly I don't feel so bad about myself and laying in bed for an additional five minutes. Ha. It's all relative isn't it.

So after the school drop offs I headed into town with two friends. Made it to two stores and then sped back to camp to pick up the boys. Two hours flies by so fast!

Came home to a CLEAN house. One of my favorite parts of living here is having a houseboy. Ali comes twice a week now to help me clean the house. I came back this morning to clean bathrooms, floors and kitchen. This ALWAYS makes me happy. Mike too, because I no longer bug him about helping me. Instead he walks in the door and I merely say, thank you. Mike knows exactly what I am thanking him for and smiles. Yes, a definite perk to being here. Back home we never would have done this.

Made it to lunch bunch with ladies from the ward. Even took the boys and they didn't seem to destroy anything at the hosts house. Success.

Carter went home with a sweet friend from the ward for the afternoon to play. I can't believe he's now big enough to just send home with someone else to play for a few hours.

Owen and I came home. We snuggled with a warm blanket and I rocked my two year old to sleep. It's been a long time since we did this. The house was quiet and it was so nice to just hold Owen and enjoy him and a little time just the two of us. This kid still melts my heart.

Owen took a nap and I worked out in the living room.
I conquered the "mother of all workouts" P90X style. Well that's what the guy kept telling me as I was panting through each interval.

It's been so hard to make it to the gym here. Finding a time and someone to watch the boys. I haven't given up. Just being more realistic with my expectations and am now trying the p90X workout on days I can't make it in. So far so good. Feeling a little sore and that's just enough to make me feel accomplished and good about myself again.

Then tonight we had a babysitter come watch the boys and we went out on a double date. We went with Jen and Brad downtown and had a great meal. The restaurant was pretty empty and we were able to sit by the window. Rarely happens, remember family seating is usually hidden somewhere in the back or side so the ladies can unveil to eat. It was awesome to enjoy a good meal and indulge in adult conversations and laugh. Genuine laughter with new friends.

Normally we hang out with all of our kids, which is always fun. But tonight it was great to hang out and not worry about a two year old leaping from the kitchen table or my three year old dumping the contents of every toy container out onto the floor.

We came home to two sleeping boys and a warm apple pie the Conner's dropped off with a can of pumpkin (a hot commodity here and rare to find.) Awesome.

It's been a good day. Really just a busy, happy day. No real melt downs from the boys, no big issues with the house, just a day spent out and about with good company. I covet days like today.

We're doing well.
Finding our way.
Enjoying days like today.
Hugs, A


Michelle S.J. said...

I didn't know you used P90sexy too! Just about the time you moved here I just finished my first 90 days. Had you come earlier you would have met a girl 17 lbs. heavier and not quite as tone.

Angie and Mike said...

I love that you call it p90sexy. That's fantastic! Tiff told me you've been using it and that's why you are looking so fantastic! I'm hoping this does the trick for me too.