Friday, January 21, 2011

Pink Berry and Pork.

Thursday was a DOUBLE yummy day!
We loaded up the kids in the morning and left the country. I know, how spontaneous are we, right?
It was Bahrain (remember just a short trip over the causeway an hour or so) or bust for our little family on the hunt for real pork.

There was much success.
Breakfast Burrito with pork sausage.
It really was almost the size of his head with fresh made salsa.
A side of bacon with breakfast for me. Almost four months without, it was awesome. Mouth watering pork bacon at an American cuisine country kitchen called Ric's. This was our first visit and not our last. With full bellies we went out for a little shopping and bribed the boys with Pink Berry when we were done.

Pink Berry, by far the BEST frozen yogurt I have EVER had. Complete with fresh fruit toppings. Google it, and if you have one near you RUN and go get some. You are seriously missing out on something fantastic! Made it to the grocery store and much to my surprise there in the baking section was a fully stocked shelf of canned pumpkin. (Remember this is also a hot commodity and rare.) I didn't hold back the expat in me hoarded. I bought 8 cans and spent WAY too much on them. Then I left thinking, why didn't I buy more? This way I'll have a pantry full and can pay it forward to another newbie like I was taken care of.

Quick trip home by 5 with the rest of the night ahead of us. Lucky for us the Causeway wasn't bad either way.

Here's just a glance of the customs line on the way to Bahrain. About 8 lanes merge into 2 here, and by "merge" I mean - ram into each other, don't take turns, every man for himself, reach out and touch the passing car within inches, hold your breath and pray you make it through the car line in one piece. This picture doesn't even do it justice.
Happy Pork Eating for those back in the States.
Hugs, A


emalina49a said...

I am loving reading about your adventures. But even more, I don't think I have bought a total of 8 cans of pumpkin in my entire life. Bacon on the other hand...

Edith Ann said...

I made a pumpkin pie the other day because I was feeling wild and crazy... to use a can of pumpkin when it's NOT the holidays in KSA?? Nuts!