Saturday, July 28, 2012

peace out.

Three updates with photos today and we're outta here.
Flight takes off tonight, 1 mini layover and 16 hours we'll be stateside. I can smell the freedom of US soil. All we have to do is survive the flight.
DC for four days and then off to Boise.
Give us a ring and let's meet up!
Peace Out sandbox...
we're bound for the great US of A!
Hugs, A

five months.

hugs, A

a few moments.

super baby.
 carter showing off his work from art camp.
 subway, just lik home- minus ham and plus a few guys in thobes and minus the yummy cookies.
 owen holding 'his' baby lexie.
 cute girl all loaded up and ready to walk out the door.
hugs, A

Cool Dudes in Hats.

On the way to afternoon summer preschool. Apparently it's cool to wear your hat backwards.
Hugs, A

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hugs, A

Instagrammin it up.

Last week I finally joined the world of instagramming. It's pretty fun. I'm loving all of the washes and easy editing, and since I'm usually nursing with an itouch in my hands it's pretty darn convenient too. Here are a few snapshots from the past few weeks.
 Tummy time.
 Lexie snoozing pool side. Just a quick little nap between dips.
 Carter showing off his name artwork from art camp last week.
 Owen enjoying some pancakes from Johnny Rockets, a taste of home in the sandbox. We snuck out for lunch the other day with Mike in preparation for Ramadan starting this week when everything, and I mean, everything, will literally be closed all stinkin day!
 Another photo of our little cutie. Man, I can't get enough of this little lady and her little chunks.
Hugs, A

Little Piggies.

This little lady prefers her little piggies these days.
 Toes, Toes and more little Toes.
 Instead of rolling, which she still hasn't done, she flops back and forth like this.
And she scoots around on her back, pretty much making larger circles. But for the most part, she's pretty content in one little spot. For now...
Hugs, A

Monday, July 16, 2012

still here.

It's been a few weeks since I've had a chance or an opportunity to sit by myself at the computer to blog. We are still here in the Sandbox. Safe and sound. A bit hot, a little bored at times, but still here.

The camp clears out like a college town over the summer. Families flee to the States for cooler weather, family time and to avoid the 'Holy month' in the Sandbox. So needless to say things are quiet on camp, there is a surplus of highly desired items at the commissary like flour tortillas and canned pumpkin. But lucky for us, we still have a handful of friends with little kiddos still here and there have been several new families to move into our branch with kids as well. It's been a month where our primary has literally doubled. It's awesome.

We've also had a friend from our old Stake in Houston just arrive, his family comes in August. The boys are loving Mr. John and he's been hanging out with our crew while he is getting settled and working on getting Internet at his house. It's been nice, almost like a little of Houston here with us. We're very excited for his family to arrive.

So, other than not blogging, we've spent mornings at the pool, swim lessons, afternoons at preschool, brunch mornings with friends, building towers, playing pirates, cars, watching movies indoors to stay cool, enjoyed some mommy movie nights, I've been teaching afternoon boot camps, a few trips into town, watching our baby girl grow before our very eyes, entertaining new and old friends and cooking a lot of large meals. I'm a bit spent.

The kiddos are well. Mike is well. All is well.
Less than two weeks and we'll be stateside once again. A nice three week break from the sandbox.
Hugs, A

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some Rumors Come True.

We live in the Sandbox. There are some great things here and there is also a lot of not so great things. Generally when you leave camp things feel a bit primative to say the least. Something to do with the dress, thobes and abayas, the surroundings a lot of sand and dust, and a lot of trash (hey sometimes you just have to call it how it is).
But in the midst of all of this there are TWO malls in town. They are somewhat new and at times a breath of fresh modern life, a small glimpse of life back in the States- minus the dress (see above), the constant aroma of yucky incense, prayer times, no music, the bathrooms- ugh, and only a small handful of US brand stores. Either way, it's nice to occasionaly get out and feel like you aren't necessarily in the middle of the sandbox.
Okay, so enough rant, back to the purpose of the post and the rumors. We've heard it since we moved here a year and a half ago. Pottery Barn is coming, here, in the sandbox, here just 10 minutes off camp, here. Well this rumor actually came true!!! Two weeks ago Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn kids opened in one of the malls. It feels like home the moment you walk into the store.
 They have pretty much everything they would back home. The only difference is the prices, definitly more expensive here. But at least it is here and you don't have to figure out how to get it back across the ocean. I did buy a few small things and practiced a much larger skill of self restraint. It was just nice to walk around and feel like we were back in the States and less in the Sandbox.
Hugs, A


Carter had his first experience with Soccer last week. A mini camp for an hour every afternoon for a week. He was the youngest and generally had a "good" time, I say that lightly. (We think he prefered wrestling in Idaho.)
The other kids were older and have been playing much longer than he has. In fact Carter came home the first day and said, "the other kids say 'give me' A LOT." He was the token American (other than the coach), can you spot our little blonde boy in the bunch?

Last Day of k4.

Last Wednesday was Carters last day of K4.
This big guy is off to Kindergarten in the fall.
 The great thing about k4 was that the school was just two blocks away and we could walk there. But most days Carter preferred Dad to give him a ride on his scooter. The scooter, that even after Mike got his new bike, he kept specifially just to give Carter rides to school. So here are the guys on their last ride to school. Next year Carter will be on the bus on his way to the Hills school on the other side of camp.
Now it is officially Summer in the Sandbox!
Hugs, A

4 Month Cutie.

 Lexie Reese at Four Months
18 Week Stats
6.7 kg = 14.7 lbs
41 cm FOC
62 cm long = 24 inches
 Lexie and her entourage.
We're learning to enjoy and relish every stage.
She loves her toes and rolling on her side, but still hasn't made a complete roll over.
She loves to smile, laugh and squeal very loudly.
Does not like being on her tummy but can hold her little head up and on her elbows shortly while there.
She sleeps all night going from 8-9 pm until 7-8 the next morning.
She wakes up so happy and will play, kicking her legs up and down and squeal until you get her.
Her schedule is becoming more and more predictable and has a pretty set nursing routine.
She's not the best napper, but she sleeps at night, so we'll take it.
I know I say this a lot, but she is just a joy.
Hugs, A