Thursday, July 19, 2012

Instagrammin it up.

Last week I finally joined the world of instagramming. It's pretty fun. I'm loving all of the washes and easy editing, and since I'm usually nursing with an itouch in my hands it's pretty darn convenient too. Here are a few snapshots from the past few weeks.
 Tummy time.
 Lexie snoozing pool side. Just a quick little nap between dips.
 Carter showing off his name artwork from art camp last week.
 Owen enjoying some pancakes from Johnny Rockets, a taste of home in the sandbox. We snuck out for lunch the other day with Mike in preparation for Ramadan starting this week when everything, and I mean, everything, will literally be closed all stinkin day!
 Another photo of our little cutie. Man, I can't get enough of this little lady and her little chunks.
Hugs, A


Jennifer said...

The kids look so cute!

The Youngblood Family; Our Sweet & Sour Life said...

Your kids are sooooo cute Angie!!! I just love Lexi's cheeks! :)