Friday, October 30, 2009

Owen 12 Stats.

Owen 12 Month Stats.
Height 31 in. 75-90%
Weight 24 lb 3.5 oz. 50-75%
FOC 47 1/2 75-90%

Vaccines, Check.
Flu Vaccine, Check.
H1n1, not available for at our office yet, boo.
Iron levels and finger prick, Check and good.
Rip those (3) nasty band aids off in the car, Check.
Fall asleep in the car on the way home, Check.
Be surprisingly content the rest of the day, Check.
Mommy's little trooper, Check.

*Compare stats with Carter at 12 months.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Both boys have been learning new things over the past few weeks.
is learning about playing alone and getting better with his coordination and problem solving. Love his laughter in the clip. He did this for almost 15 minutes and I sat and watched him for most of it with my mom, both just as thrilled as he was.

Carter is learning how to pretend and use his imagination. Here he is "cutting" Mike's hair with his pretend clippers (ie: an attachment to the portacrib.) He cracks me up these days, listen for his "buzzing" clipper sound. What a fun stage.

* I posted three times today. I was feeling productive. Enjoy!

Sunday Reflections.

Owen has discovered...
playing alone and spent 15 minutes putting a block in a box and shaking it the other night...
his sense of humor and giggles all the time now...
what it feels like to fall on his mouth this week, over and over (poor guy)...
he likes acorn squash...
how fun it is having grandma sleeping in his room...
when he is happy mommy doesn't mind letting him stay up later...
how to call for his "mommy" with intent (music to my ears when I walk into to get him.)

Carter has discovered...
that fire ants don't like to be disturbed and will hurt you and swarm up your leg (25 bites later on his leg and waist, just awful)...
band aids help to make things better...
his finger is just the right size for his nostril (yuck)...
a new love of worms from school...
the walk of shame at the gym, walking to the car in a polo, shoes, socks and no pants...
he can sign "all done" for his friends when we wants them to stop eating and play more (Tayson and Owen)...
how to tell his mommy she's "pretty."
Happy Boys on Sunday.
Bouncing in the front yard.
Sharing his gummy with Owen whether he likes it or not.
Dille profiles. Looking more and more like little boys each day instead of babies.
This was my week to teach Relief Society. I taught on Sister Margaret Lifferth talk "Respect and Reverence" from last Nov. general conference. This is always a touchy subject and can easily offend people. I wanted to approach it with a sense of humility and understanding. I have two little boys and I know how much of a challenge it can be to keep them reverent, I live it each week. Most lessons I leave thinking, "why did I say that" or "that didn't make sense." Granted, I'm the only one that probably remembers the little things like that. But today was different. I felt good about the lesson and the direction it went. Yes I could have asked more questions but the responses I had were enough. I closed my lesson with my testimony and for once it felt like I wasn't tripping over my own words. It was as if the spirit was speaking through me and it was beautiful and inspiring. It was a wonderful Sunday for me. Full of reassurance that the church is true and the Savior loves me. I needed today to fill my cup.

Here is a little from Sis. Lifferth's talk. It's a great direction and reminder if you have little ones or even big ones. We can all work to be more reverent and have more respect for those around us.

"Reverent behavior is not a natural tendency for most children. It is a quality that is taught by parents and leaders through example and training. But remember, if reverence is rooted in love, so is the teaching of it. Harshness in our training begets resentment, not reverence. So begin early and have reasonable expectations. A toddler can learn to fold his arms and get ready for prayer. But it takes time, patience, and consistency. Remember that we are not only teaching a child his first lessons in reverence, but the child may be mastering his first attempts at self-discipline.

This process of teaching and self-discipline continues line upon line and precept upon precept. Thus a child learns to be reverent during prayers and the sacrament. He sits by his parents during the meeting. Then he grows in lessons of self-discipline as later he learns to fast, to obey the Word of Wisdom, to make good Internet choices, and to keep the law of chastity. We each grow in ability as well as understanding. We bless our children and youth as we exemplify, teach, and encourage them through this process because self-mastery is not only the root of self-respect, it is essential in inviting the Spirit to teach, confirm, and testify."

Out to Lunch.

It's always a treat to go out to lunch. Even better when the outing includes Mike on a sunny afternoon at the park. We packed lunches and a blanket and picked up Mike on the way in. We've never been to the water wall and decided Friday was the day to go.

The boys were too busy running around to be bothered to eat anything. Although it looks like Owen is about to eat a leaf, so apparently he just didn't want any food that I had packed. Carter chased the birds. These pigeons were fearless and hounded us for food. If Carter were a tad quicker we're sure he would have had one by the neck and at one point almost actually kicked one. That will teach them to come after our food.
Here is the water wall. It's massive and awesome all at the same time. Would've been a little nicer without the wind and a few degrees warmer. But still a great Houston landmark to go see.
Me and the boys. Mike called this the picture of the day.
Lunch was short and sweet and everyone got home in time for a nap. Except Mike, he went back to work to make the money.

Monday, October 19, 2009


As this past week came and went I have a few thoughts.
  • Find a neighbor or friend who lives close by and give them a spare key to the house for moments like Thursday when I locked both Owen and I out of the house when Carter was in school. Although I did love getting to have lunch with Mike, spending an extra two hours in the car wasn't what I had planned for a school day.
  • Keep your eye on the road and try to avoid massive pot holes like the one that destroyed Mike's tire last week on the feeder road of 610. Makes me wonder where our taxes actually go. When Mike pulled over he wasn't the only car, three other cars where also repairing tires and my superman changed his tire and another persons in his dress clothes.
  • It's not a competition. Nothing is really. We all move at our own pace and this is ok. In fact I think that is the way it is suppose to be. It's alright that Carter didn't start to talk until after 18 months because at 28 months he's talking and for the most part we can understand what he is saying! Most frequent words this weekend, "play and help me." Owen is not talking and I'm not worried because I know that he will talk when he's ready and I just need to keep encouraging and it will come.
  • A spotless house is over rated. Sometimes a surface clean does the job.
  • Two is better than one. This I am learning every day and so are the boys. Not just two donuts being better than just one, but having two little boys. Now that Owen is a walking man life has changed around home. Both boys are chasing each other and really starting to play. In the matter of one short phone call they can ransack the upstairs and enjoy the process. Note to self, talk on the phone at nap time or after bedtime
  • Marry your best friend and you'll always have someone to talk with and love being with. Mike has been working a lot again and I can see the stress levels beginning to increase. A sure sign that busy season is starting and well, I kind of dread that time of year. We went out on a real date Saturday night and it was awesome! Even just to ride in the car together holding hands and talking. I miss him when he's gone but really do appreciate all that he does to support us and provide for us.
  • I'd rather mow the lawn than clean the bathrooms.
  • Yard sale hunting can be awesome. We scored a little bike trailer/stroller for the kids to ride in, a little tikes work bench for Carter, a down coat for Owen, baby books, bed rails and a monkey.
  • Children are better than alarm clocks some days (and other days you wish they had snooze buttons). Thanks to Carter waking us up at 6 a.m. on Sunday we made it to church in record time, 10 minutes early. For the first time since we've been in the ward we sat in the pews. Granted we've been early before but have always chosen to sit in the far back for an easy escape out the doors with the boys if they are rowdy. It was nice to be early, to listen to the prelude music and it was nice to be in the soft seats and I think the boys liked it too. Getting up earlier in the morning took the stress and animosity out of rushing out the door and I believe it changed the entire feeling of our Sunday.
  • I love hugs. The real kind and the chocolate kind.
  • It's ok to not be ready for things. It's more important to be honest with yourself on where you are at. Mike gave Carter a haircut last night and wanted to fade Owens too. I was being honest with myself, although Mike referred to Owens hair as "elf like" I knew that I was not ready for a big boy hair cut and would cry. So I stood my ground and said no. He got a mommy trim around the ears and neck and a little off the top instead. No tears were shed and the baby hair lives on. I'm happy with not being ready just yet.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Celebrations - Cake.

Align Center
So for Owens birthday I brushed up my domestic skills and made him a giant cupcake cake, from scratch double chocolate pound cake with homemade butter cream icing. Impressed? I don't do that very often, but I might have to whip up the frosting again because it was awesome! He was pretty excited about the cake and all of the attention.

Here he is waiting for the goodness to begin.
Singing a little happy birthday and he's already picking off the sprinkles.
Again, taking care of the sprinkles and tasting the frosting.
I believe he likes it!
Going in for some more.
After that we decided the giant cupcake might be a little too much so we traded the giant cake for a normal cupcake with the awesome frosting. This was more his size and was quickly squished in his fingers. He really wasn't too concerned with the cake, must have been all of the pizza we had for dinner. But I'm pretty sure what cake and icing he had he loved.
Washing down the deliciousness with some whole milk in a cup! Big Man!
After the cake Mike put him in the sink for the initial rinse off, after all the upstairs shower doesn't have a disposal like the kitchen sink. He loved it! He's never been so happy getting a bath and was all giggles playing with the water.
Happy Birthday Owen!
We also had Carter blow out some candles after we sang to Owen. He was stoked about the candles, can't you tell he's got a great set of lungs.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Celebrations - Presents.

You can't turn one and not have a celebration and presents!

"Where to begin? I like the orange ribbon best, decisions, decisions."
"Wait, whose birthday is it anyways?"
"That's right it's Owens- back off Carter."
"Give me the big one daddy... that's right, unwrap faster."
"Not too shabby, how does this thing work?"
"Showing off with my mamma."
"Look at me, I'm one handsome birthday boy."
"Please no more pictures... alright just one more but I'm not looking."
Thank you Dille Grandparents for the awesome train and book! Thank you Grandma Anderson for the helicopter, for helping with my cake, taking me to lunch and playing with me on my birthday! Owen wasn't really too interested in opening presents. In fact I think Carter opened most of them after letting Owen touch them once. Owen loves his new toys and was even happier to play with them this morning by himself with Carter in school. He's a happy little guy with new birthday toys, thank you again!

Wondering what it was like opening presents with both boys? Take a look. Makes you wonder what Christmas will be like. Good thing Owen is a good sport and doesn't mind sharing.

*Cake post will be up tomorrow. I'm calling it a night and it needs its own post. Come back you won't be disappointed.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Owen is ONE!
Having Owen in our home for the past year has been a blessing. We feel so privileged to have his sweet spirit in our family. His smile is contagious, his laugh warms our hearts and even his crocodile tears make us laugh. It feels as if he's always been here, he was meant to be ours and us to be his. We are in love with our little man and so amazed at how quickly the past year has gone. It still seems like yesterday that we had him early and had to leave him in the NICU. I can remember the feelings, the sorrow and then I remember the joy and relief we had when he finally came home. How grateful I am for the medical advances of our generation that were used to save him and grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing Mike and I to raise him. We love you Owen and look forward to each birthday and milestone you reach.

Owen doesn't say much but I have a feeling it's just another key part of his personality. He likes to watch everything and take it all in. Now that he is walking he's starting to pick up the pace and can be in and out of a room in seconds without being heard. He has eight teeth, four on the top and bottom. Wears size 4 wide shoes and 12 month clothes. He's a difficult eater and is picky, proving the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. In general he's a very happy baby and is a joy to have by your side, or on your hip. In honor of Owens first birthday here are a few things about our baby boy and his first year.

You've come a long way...
Milestones Time line.
  • Born 4 weeks early.
  • 2 weeks, comes home from the NICU
  • 10 weeks, first smile and blessed in Nampa, ID.
  • 3 months, rolled over from tummy to back.
  • 4 months, diagnosed with reflux, first haircut and starting sleeping through the night.
  • 5 months, moved into his own room and out of ours. Masters downward facing dog and starts solid foods.
  • 6 months, gets his first teeth- bottom two, learns how to go from tummy to sitting and sits by himself.
  • 7 months, crawls and starts to pull up.
  • 8 months, gets his top two teeth in, transitions to formula and holds his own bottles, has ear tubes put in and passes his hearing test.
  • 9 months, starts to use baby walker, first trip to the beach, first pair of shoes.
  • 10 months, stands alone and says "mama" and "dada." Learns to climb stairs and takes his first steps.
  • 11 months, walks, claps his hands, squats, waves and makes kisses.
  • 12 months, starts whole milk, starting to run and moves into a room with Carter.
Owen Loves.
  • Standing on his head. He's done this since he was four/five months old. He has mastered downward facing dog and finds it hilarious if you do the same thing with him.
  • Being carried up the stairs, he squeals and kicks his legs with excitement.
  • Balls, books, rattles, banging things together and his stuffed giraffe.
  • Music and dancing ( he does this great little bounce of a dance).
  • A quiet room when he sleeps with the white noise of a fan.
  • His brother. Carter is the best entertainment Owen has and can keep him laughing and happy for hours.
  • Remote controls and the telephone.
  • Climbing on the treadmill and crawling underneath desks and tables.
  • Chicken nuggets, grapes, tomatoes, strawberries and pasta salad.
  • The shower and now stays in longer than Carter.
  • He loves to be chased and tickled on his feet and thighs.
  • Loves to pull off his socks.
  • Loves to give fish hooks and stick his fingers in your mouth. We're hoping this means he'll pick a career in dentistry.
  • Loves to climb stairs. If the baby gate is open he makes takes off around the corner giggling the entire way. This is the fastest we ever see him move.
Owen Dislikes.
  • The bedtime routine and starts to cry after prayers because he knows it's time for bed.
  • Being spoon fed. Would rather feed himself and will swat at a spoon or fork.
  • Right now he's not liking whole milk, making the transition a little difficult.
  • The vacuum when turned on.
*Because of flu shots and such he won't go into the pediatrician for his 1 year check up for another two weeks so I'll post his stats later. I'm guessing he's somewhere in the 50th percentile now.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

List to Catch Up.

It has been almost two weeks since I've really posted. We've had a lot going on and I really haven't had a chance to just sit down and blog. Then once I pass a certain point the task of blogging seems overwhelming, so much to catch up on and stories to tell about the kids. So I've decided to just list some of things we've been doing and start fresh with blogging tomorrow.

What's Up in the Dille House.
  1. Weevils. Three weeks ago our pantry was attacked by weevils. Started in the oatmeal and spread like the grasshoppers did to the pioneers. Wiping everything out in the process. We lost all of our food storage and pantry. Last May Mike expanded our pantry underneath the stairs so it was a large challenge to get rid of these nasty little bugs because our pantry was so large. For three weeks the pantry has been empty, and just Thursday I bought my first thing of flour that will be in the freezer to kill anything that might have come home in it from the store. What I've learned is proper food storage is a necessity and I am now investing in proper airtight containers and some gamma sealed lids.
  2. Fire Ants, Weeds and Mold. A constant battle in Houston in which we've been fighting.
  3. Grandma is in town! My mom signed a contract for three months to work in a local ER so she'll be staying with us through the rest of the year.
  4. With Grandma in town and a three bedroom house we've moved the boys into one room. So far so good. It's been a week and for the most part they both sleep through the night and in the morning the talk to each other. Rather endearing actually. Owen still cries when we put him down for the night and Carter goes right to sleep even with the crying.
  5. Let the fall cleaning and de-clutter continue. I'm really into getting rid of things right now and always pick the strangest times to go through closets, like at 10 p.m.
  6. I volunteered to head up playgroups for our church ward each Friday. A bigger task than I would have thought.
  7. Still hitting the gym hard each week. I'm on the sixth week of a new program and am loving it... most days. It involves a pretty intense lifting schedule and running. I'm not a runner. I use to to hate every minute of it. But now I'm learning to love it. Two and a half weeks ago I was able to run a full mile without stopping for a break, a big deal for me. There's a big difference in running and just doing cardio for an hour. Now I've been able to get my mile down to 8:53 minutes and run/walk 3-4 miles each time. Baby steps, I know. I'm just waiting for my ripped arms to appear any day now. :)
  8. Family pictures finally. With Owen turning one tomorrow we went out last weekend to have family pictures taken. Much more of a challenge than I had expected and although both children weren't smiling at the same time I believe we got a few good ones worthy of hanging in the dining room.
  9. Cars. Have a I mentioned how much I hate spending money of cars and the house? Well I do and we have on both of our cars this month. Puts a big ding in the budget. Good thing I stopped grocery shopping after the weevils. :)
  10. A stomach bug hit our house Sat. morning at about 3 a.m. with Carter and the afternoon ended with Owen having it. I'm grateful it came on the weekend when Mike was home to help and I'm grateful for our HE washer/dryer that was used for more than four loads on Saturday and for the sale on baby sheets last week so I had enough to keep changing after nap times and in the middle of the night. Mike and I have been feeling ok, just tending to little ones. Carter was feeling back to his toddler self today and I believe Owen it still trying to kick this thing but is over the vomit part, thank goodness. Funny thing is, it's was exactly a year ago we caught the same kind of stomach bug that put me into labor a month early with Owen. Crazy huh?
So really, that's just a few of the things we've been up to. Owen turns 1 tomorrow and I'm still in awe at how fast the past year went by. Mike is off to work tomorrow and grandma is off work. We really don't have much planned for tomorrow. Turning one seems like a family celebration to me, so just a nice night home with cake and presents for Owen.

With all of the "things" we've had going on over the best few weeks it's been a challenge for all of us. Not every trial has to be large to knock you down on your knees. I've also learned it can be a lot of little ones that can take your wind away, or one that comes unexpectedly. In the midst of all of this, I was able to teach Relief Society on "Fear Not, Be of Good Cheer," taken from Pres. Monsons talk last general conference. That lesson was for me, and touched my heart and helped me to turn to the Lord more in my life. I want to share a quote that has inspired me and helped my to 'gird up my loins'. I hope it will touch you as well and help you right now as it has helped me.

"I testify to you that our promised blessings are beyond measure. Though the storm clouds may gather, though the rains may pour down upon us, our knowledge of the gospel and our love of our Heavenly Father and of our Savior will comfort and sustain us and bring joy to our hearts as we walk uprightly and keep the commandments. There will be nothing in this world that can defeat us. My beloved brothers and sisters, fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith."- President Monson

Carter and School.

Carter has been in school for about a month now. The first two weeks he would walk in give me a hug and kiss and go play. The following week he struggled and I had to leave him crying in the lap of the teachers. Last week he was back to normal and went right in, put his lunch sack in the basket and gave me a big hug before I left him. So progress is being made and I'm pretty sure for the most part he loves learning, playing, singing, coloring and the "slide" outside on the playground.

Here are a few things I've been told about Carter from his teachers and things I have witnessed about Carter in school.
  1. Doesn't like to finger paint. His teacher said when they asked him to put his fingers in the paint he looked at her like she was crazy and said "no... color?" So instead he colored while the rest of the class painted. Apparently he likes to paint my kitchen table at home with ranch but when it comes to real finger painting he's rather not get his fingers dirty.
  2. He talks! and has become a class leader. Last Thursday was safety day and in the morning they talked about fire trucks. During bible story time they talked about Moses and the burning bush. His teacher told the kids Moses went up the mountain to talk with Heavenly Father and there was a bush on fire. Carter sitting in the front row, then shouts out "fire- ding-ding-ding-ding-ding." His own siren noise. The rest of the class then followed his lead with their own fire noises... and that was the end of bible story time.
  3. Carter has a softer side. After nap time I went to pick him up and he was carrying around a baby and blanket. Before we left he tucked the baby into his bed, gave him a kiss and said "nite-nite." Then he went and found the other two babies in the classroom and did the same thing to tuck them in. It was adorable.
Outside of school Carter is still Carter. Talking more each day and words seem to be getting clearer as well. It's exciting to hear him talk and to actually understand him. Some of his favorite words right now are, "pizza," "amen," "please," "thank you," and "juice." His vocabulary grows each day and I am thrilled to hear him put more words together in mini sentences of two-three words.

Mike has showed Carter how to pull a chair over to the microwave to "help."
Carter still loves hanging out with Steiger. He crawled into his cage the other night and insisted to have the kennel closed with the dog. For almost 30 minutes he sat there and petted the dog.