Monday, October 19, 2009


As this past week came and went I have a few thoughts.
  • Find a neighbor or friend who lives close by and give them a spare key to the house for moments like Thursday when I locked both Owen and I out of the house when Carter was in school. Although I did love getting to have lunch with Mike, spending an extra two hours in the car wasn't what I had planned for a school day.
  • Keep your eye on the road and try to avoid massive pot holes like the one that destroyed Mike's tire last week on the feeder road of 610. Makes me wonder where our taxes actually go. When Mike pulled over he wasn't the only car, three other cars where also repairing tires and my superman changed his tire and another persons in his dress clothes.
  • It's not a competition. Nothing is really. We all move at our own pace and this is ok. In fact I think that is the way it is suppose to be. It's alright that Carter didn't start to talk until after 18 months because at 28 months he's talking and for the most part we can understand what he is saying! Most frequent words this weekend, "play and help me." Owen is not talking and I'm not worried because I know that he will talk when he's ready and I just need to keep encouraging and it will come.
  • A spotless house is over rated. Sometimes a surface clean does the job.
  • Two is better than one. This I am learning every day and so are the boys. Not just two donuts being better than just one, but having two little boys. Now that Owen is a walking man life has changed around home. Both boys are chasing each other and really starting to play. In the matter of one short phone call they can ransack the upstairs and enjoy the process. Note to self, talk on the phone at nap time or after bedtime
  • Marry your best friend and you'll always have someone to talk with and love being with. Mike has been working a lot again and I can see the stress levels beginning to increase. A sure sign that busy season is starting and well, I kind of dread that time of year. We went out on a real date Saturday night and it was awesome! Even just to ride in the car together holding hands and talking. I miss him when he's gone but really do appreciate all that he does to support us and provide for us.
  • I'd rather mow the lawn than clean the bathrooms.
  • Yard sale hunting can be awesome. We scored a little bike trailer/stroller for the kids to ride in, a little tikes work bench for Carter, a down coat for Owen, baby books, bed rails and a monkey.
  • Children are better than alarm clocks some days (and other days you wish they had snooze buttons). Thanks to Carter waking us up at 6 a.m. on Sunday we made it to church in record time, 10 minutes early. For the first time since we've been in the ward we sat in the pews. Granted we've been early before but have always chosen to sit in the far back for an easy escape out the doors with the boys if they are rowdy. It was nice to be early, to listen to the prelude music and it was nice to be in the soft seats and I think the boys liked it too. Getting up earlier in the morning took the stress and animosity out of rushing out the door and I believe it changed the entire feeling of our Sunday.
  • I love hugs. The real kind and the chocolate kind.
  • It's ok to not be ready for things. It's more important to be honest with yourself on where you are at. Mike gave Carter a haircut last night and wanted to fade Owens too. I was being honest with myself, although Mike referred to Owens hair as "elf like" I knew that I was not ready for a big boy hair cut and would cry. So I stood my ground and said no. He got a mommy trim around the ears and neck and a little off the top instead. No tears were shed and the baby hair lives on. I'm happy with not being ready just yet.


Cody and Jessie said...

That was such a cute post! I so agree - two is way better than one. A lot messier, busier, and crazier, but so much better. I was laughing at the clean house overrated comment! That's big comming from you :)

lynette said...

"It's not a competition." I love that!
I'm going to make it my mantra!

And, I couldn't agree more. Sometimes all I can manage is a quick surface clean and then I'm off to bed!

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