Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Celebrations - Presents.

You can't turn one and not have a celebration and presents!

"Where to begin? I like the orange ribbon best, decisions, decisions."
"Wait, whose birthday is it anyways?"
"That's right it's Owens- back off Carter."
"Give me the big one daddy... that's right, unwrap faster."
"Not too shabby, how does this thing work?"
"Showing off with my mamma."
"Look at me, I'm one handsome birthday boy."
"Please no more pictures... alright just one more but I'm not looking."
Thank you Dille Grandparents for the awesome train and book! Thank you Grandma Anderson for the helicopter, for helping with my cake, taking me to lunch and playing with me on my birthday! Owen wasn't really too interested in opening presents. In fact I think Carter opened most of them after letting Owen touch them once. Owen loves his new toys and was even happier to play with them this morning by himself with Carter in school. He's a happy little guy with new birthday toys, thank you again!

Wondering what it was like opening presents with both boys? Take a look. Makes you wonder what Christmas will be like. Good thing Owen is a good sport and doesn't mind sharing.

*Cake post will be up tomorrow. I'm calling it a night and it needs its own post. Come back you won't be disappointed.

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