Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Celebrations - Cake.

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So for Owens birthday I brushed up my domestic skills and made him a giant cupcake cake, from scratch double chocolate pound cake with homemade butter cream icing. Impressed? I don't do that very often, but I might have to whip up the frosting again because it was awesome! He was pretty excited about the cake and all of the attention.

Here he is waiting for the goodness to begin.
Singing a little happy birthday and he's already picking off the sprinkles.
Again, taking care of the sprinkles and tasting the frosting.
I believe he likes it!
Going in for some more.
After that we decided the giant cupcake might be a little too much so we traded the giant cake for a normal cupcake with the awesome frosting. This was more his size and was quickly squished in his fingers. He really wasn't too concerned with the cake, must have been all of the pizza we had for dinner. But I'm pretty sure what cake and icing he had he loved.
Washing down the deliciousness with some whole milk in a cup! Big Man!
After the cake Mike put him in the sink for the initial rinse off, after all the upstairs shower doesn't have a disposal like the kitchen sink. He loved it! He's never been so happy getting a bath and was all giggles playing with the water.
Happy Birthday Owen!
We also had Carter blow out some candles after we sang to Owen. He was stoked about the candles, can't you tell he's got a great set of lungs.


Josh and Shyann Croke Family said...

That cake is awesome! What a cutie!

Julie said...

Good job on the cake! One day I hope to use my giant cupcake pan and make a cake that cute. :)

Em and Tom said...

Hey you!
That is an awesome idea. I love the big cupcake!
So I finally started a blog and love it.

Laura Gilgen said...

1 year old Birthdays are so fun the best part is the cake!

MindyW said...

I LOVE the cupcake cake! Soooo impressive! Will you make me one for my birthday too? J/K - But, what about my boys birthdays? Are you for hire?