Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thanks Grandma!

That's the cutest and happiest little Ice Cream Cone I've ever seen.
We got the package and we love the new onesies and headbands you sent Lexie.
*Grandma Dille still waiting for your package but know Carter will be beyond thrilled when it arrives. Not much predictability of the postal service and customs of the sandbox.
Hugs, A

Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Dip.

Lexie had her first dip in the pool and then a few more in the following week.
It's too hot now to sit on the sidelines, even the little lady needs a cool off during swim lessons.
Hugs, A

Family Fun Day.

This weekend we declared Thursday family fun day. We didn't have any other plans for once (usually there are swim lessons, the grocery store, a birthday party), so we actually had a chance just to play. Carter has been requesting hamburgers all week, so we loaded up the crew and headed over to Johnny Rockets, the go to eat out spot for our family. The staff is super expat friendly. The are patient and kind to our kids, they serve food fast, are never really that busy and serve Coke with Sonic style ice- yum!
 After filling our tummies, we went into the mall to the amusement park area. The go to family fun spot with working A/C when it is too hot outside. There are rides, arcades, merry go rounds, bumper boats, pretty much any sort of  carnival ride you can fit into a giant indoor mall.
The boys had a blast.
So maybe not a blast for Owen on this ride. He's still not a fan of round and round rides. He lasted about six times around and then the worker was nice enough to let off our crying little guy.
Bumper Boats. Mind you there was a sign stating it was for kids age 7 and up. No problem, the worker didn't even blink, he quickly but the boys on the boats. Yeah, worrisome, maybe.
And just for fun, when you are done on the bumper boats why not visit the pet shop kiosk and take home a parrot, rabbit, fish or a turtle. So random.
And here's our little lady trooper hanging out in the stroller. She took a little snooze and then played with her little butterfly.
She's starting to chunk up a bit, love her little lips. They are just like Mike's and so smoochy.
We also ran into the pottery painting cafe, to scout out our next little outing. Hey, I've got to plan things out now, we still have another month in the sandbox heat.
Inside they had this fo-chimney. What did Owen do? Immediately climb in, squat down and declare, "I'm Santa, Ho, Ho, Ho."
We had a fun morning.
Hugs, A

Friday, June 22, 2012

Blow Pops.

Blow Pop Tongues.
Just another Thursday morning at the Dille house with the boys.
Hugs, A

K4 Parents Day

Wednesday was Carters K4 Parents Day. (Yes, our kids are still in school for one more week.) We were invited into his classroom for an hour to play, hear the songs they've learned and for Carter to have a chance to show us around.

Carter and Mrs. Kraynyk. She has been amazing with Carter, patient, stern when she needs to be and has unleashed a very creative and talented artist. We sure are going to miss her when Carter moves to the Hills school for Kindergarten next year.

 Carter and his class. He really did have fun, but for about half of the presentation he was a bit shy and stood there with his hands in his pockets.
 Exploring one of the centers in the classroom.
 Building Towers with Dad.
 Outside the K4 Corridor.
 Yes, even in the sandbox we have trees and green grass.
We had a great time hanging out with just Carter in his classroom. Taking time out to see the things he loves and tell him how special and important he is to us. His face was all smiles when we walked into his classroom.
The past year it's as if this kid has grown 5 years and is working on being 10 and not just 5. He gets it and excited to learn and be in school.
Love ya Big Guy!
Hugs, A

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 Each day is a new discovery when you are four months old.
The past few days have been spent first, discovering she has toes, next figuring out how to reach those toes, and now how to get those toes into her mouth.
 Reaching for toes and so close to rolling over. She will get her hips over and just needs to figure out what to do with her other arm.
Pure Joy!
Hugs, A

the younger two.

While Carter is still in school (until the end of June) the younger two get some time to spend together and with mom. It's too hot to be outside in the afternoons with the temps peaking in the 110-115 area. So we hang out indoors.
Owen entertains during tummy time. He loves his little sister.
Each day is an adventure, but surprisingly, we seem to be settling into a routine.
Hugs, A

fathers day.

To the dad who's man enough to rock the baby bjorn with his little lady, two boys and wife at the commissary.

To the dad who's willing to take all three kids into town all by himself so his wife can work out at the gym.

To the dad who lovingly comes home for lunch to help makes meals, take Carter to school and see his baby.

To the dad who tucks little boys into bed each night telling stories or Bear hunts in Idaho.

To the dad who wrestles, tickles and plays with his kids.

To the dad who puts his family first.

To the dad who loves unconditionally.

To the dad we are so very lucky and blessed to have.

We love you Mike and hope you had a wonderful fathers day!
We also love our pappa's and hope you had a great day too!
Hugs, A

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bug Hunters.

Nothing like a little nature walk around the neighborhood to find bugs with the boys. The only rule, the bugs don't come into the house... ever!

We went in the early evening, it was cooler and the little beetles come out.

Play dough creations

"Look what we made with the babysitter mom."
"Now take a picture so Grandma and dad can see."
I've been lucky enough to have one of the high school girls in our neighborhood come watch the kiddos about four days a week so I can run to the gym. It's been awesome. So when I run out the door, I try to leave some sort of activity for them to do with her. This day it was play dough and was a big hit.
Hugs, A

Saturday, June 9, 2012


It was time. She has longingly been sitting in the bouncy seat on the floor looking up watching us at the table having meals. Her neck is stronger and she's just about four months. Yup, it was the right time to bust this bad boy out of the closet.
Lexie meet Bumbo.
Bumbo meet Lexie.
You're sure to be fast friends.
Hugs, A

Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Little Gang.

Our Little Gang.
 Lexie has taken a liking to her pointer finger. It is the finger of choice for self soothing. We lovingly call it her little fish hook.  Also, check out those baby blues!
 She's ready to see the world, no more of this laying down stuff. 
  The other set of baby blues. Today Carter celebrated his birthday in primary and came home with a giant chocolate chip cookie. Happy Boy!
 There are some little outfits I love. This being one of them. I saw it at Baby Gap and fell in love, had to have it! So much cuter on our little lady than it was on the hanger. Seriously so much fun to have a little girl!
*Side note every piece of clothing you buy over here in the sandbox smells like a combination of cigarette smoke and incense- yuck- luckily it washed out*
Tomorrow is a company holiday Mike has the day off, so that makes us a happy gang. Love days when daddy is home.
Hugs, A

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 month faces.

At 14 weeks Lexie was 6.1kg or 13.4 lbs.
Height 26 inches. FOC 16.
She seems to be hanging out in the 75th percentile.
Still sleeping like a champ. She's been our best sleeper so far and will go for anywhere from 8-12 hours depending on how she nursed that day.
Loves to smile, starting to laugh and coo's and prr's like a dove.
Our little social lady is also a fan of sitting up in your lap to watch the action.
She's still a happy girl.
Hugs, A

Monday, June 4, 2012


Carter is FIVE!
This handsome, not so little anymore, guy is celebrating his birthday today!
Frog mini cupcakes for his preschool class.
Tonight we went out to Johnny Rockets for hamburgers and milkshakes, Carter's favorite. Then we took him shopping for a pair of crocs, another thing he's been asking for.
We came home and opened presents. (*planning to put in photo of his opened presents tomorrow.)
He had a great birthday, just ask him. He's so happy to be five!
Carter is in the 100th percentile for height and wears size 6 slim pants, 5/6 shirts and 13/ or 1 size shoes.
He loves to draw and anything artsy.
He loves to dip his foods in a mixture of ketchup and ranch.
He loves hamburgers, blueberries, cucumbers, Cheetos and granola bars.
He LOVES primary and talks a lot about choosing the right and doing what Jesus wants him to do.
He likes to dance and loves The Wanted song, "I'm glad you came", and singing the "Red Solo Cup" song.
He's in a hat wearing kick, his favorite is a navy blue Texans hat.
He loves to play and is Mr. Imagination these days making up games and playing pirates and super heroes. He also likes to pretend he is the daddy and is going off to work.
His favorite mode of transportation is riding on dads scooter.
He wakes up at the crack of dawn always, everyday and no matter what side of the world we are on. This kid feels no jet lag. He's the first up and will usually come into our room fully dressed and ready for the day at about 6 a.m.
He is a great big brother, when we wants to be, and is the first to console Owen or wipe off spit up from Lexie. (He's also the first to keep tabs on everyone and likes to taddle on Owen and tell me everything he is doing all of the time.)
Just tonight on the way home he sat next to Lexie in the car and held her hand while she cooed and awed at him. He can get her to laugh like no other and we're pretty sure he is one of her favorite people.

Happy Birthday Carter.
We're so blessed to have you here with us in our family. We are lucky to be your parents and have cherished each and every day we get to be with you.  There are no limits, you can do anything and you CAN do hard things. You are a special boy and we look forward to forever with you.
Hugs, A

Bug Par-Tay.

Carter wanted a Bug birthday party. A picnic with his friends and a chance to hunt bugs. What our big boy wants on his birthday he gets.
The only slight issue with the bug party was the shamal (sandstorm) that sat on our little compound for two days. So we had to move the par-tay in doors and come up with a plan B.  So we moved the "picnic" to the dining room and played Bug Bingo and spotted bugs on our bingo cards and then learned about them in a really great a-z bug book. So we kind of hunted for bugs.
We made Carter a "bug" worm and dirt birthday cake and snacked on pizza, cucumbers and apples.  
 Our friends at dinner and partying in the boys room.
 The favors. Frog stickers and a bag of bugs.
He loved it all! Especially the large magnifying glass from Lawson. I can already see all three guys (including dad) outside trying to fry ants.
 Miss Anika loves little Lexie and wants to hold her every chance she gets.
 Dady and Lexie in her party outfit.
Happy Birthday our little 5 year old bug hunter!
Hugs, Mommy