Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fathers day.

To the dad who's man enough to rock the baby bjorn with his little lady, two boys and wife at the commissary.

To the dad who's willing to take all three kids into town all by himself so his wife can work out at the gym.

To the dad who lovingly comes home for lunch to help makes meals, take Carter to school and see his baby.

To the dad who tucks little boys into bed each night telling stories or Bear hunts in Idaho.

To the dad who wrestles, tickles and plays with his kids.

To the dad who puts his family first.

To the dad who loves unconditionally.

To the dad we are so very lucky and blessed to have.

We love you Mike and hope you had a wonderful fathers day!
We also love our pappa's and hope you had a great day too!
Hugs, A

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