Monday, June 4, 2012

Bug Par-Tay.

Carter wanted a Bug birthday party. A picnic with his friends and a chance to hunt bugs. What our big boy wants on his birthday he gets.
The only slight issue with the bug party was the shamal (sandstorm) that sat on our little compound for two days. So we had to move the par-tay in doors and come up with a plan B.  So we moved the "picnic" to the dining room and played Bug Bingo and spotted bugs on our bingo cards and then learned about them in a really great a-z bug book. So we kind of hunted for bugs.
We made Carter a "bug" worm and dirt birthday cake and snacked on pizza, cucumbers and apples.  
 Our friends at dinner and partying in the boys room.
 The favors. Frog stickers and a bag of bugs.
He loved it all! Especially the large magnifying glass from Lawson. I can already see all three guys (including dad) outside trying to fry ants.
 Miss Anika loves little Lexie and wants to hold her every chance she gets.
 Dady and Lexie in her party outfit.
Happy Birthday our little 5 year old bug hunter!
Hugs, Mommy

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