Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girls Birthday Celebration.

For my birthday the girls took me out to dinner the night before to celebrate. I had been craving Chili's and the food (ribs, salsa, lava cake- yum!), company, gifts and conversations were amazing! You know you are getting older when the wait staff announces to the restaurant that you are turning "21." I believe it was the loudest I've ever been sung Happy Birthday, it was embarrassing and great at the same time. From left to front- Lisa, Kelli, Kristy, Lindsay, Marie, Lynette, Colette, Baby Lexie, me and Alesa.
Lisa and I. We meet at the gym last summer and now seem to do most things together.
Lynette and Colette. Really two of the first friends I made when we moved to Texas almost 6 years ago.
Lindsay and Marie, my constants. Even with them both moving into different areas of town we manage to stay close and get together often, these two even put together the outing for me. Lindsay, I've known since college and Marie and I met in our ward here in Texas.
Lisa and me. Alesa, Kelli and Kristy are another great bunch of girls I've become friends with from church.

How did I get so lucky to have such a wonderful group of girlfriends. I really had a wonderful time and am so glad everyone came out to dinner. I love going to dinner so it was a great treat.
Thank you for coming out to celebrate with me! (and if you couldn't make it, I missed ya too.)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mommys Cake.

Happy Birthday to me! I turned 28 yesterday. I was lucky enough to spend a perfect day with my family. We spent the morning with my mom running around town, doing a little shopping, going to a local community outreach event and then off to Chickfila for a late lunch. I went on a long run outside with the dog, it was a beautiful day and I couldn't resist the urge to be outside in it. The dog passed out about half way through the run and I had to carry him home. So my dog is definitely not a runner and I am trying desperately to become one. We washed cars, washed dogs and when Mike came home we grilled outside with the boys. Had cake and then went out shopping for shoes with just Mike and I. We ended the night at Kroger for delicious apple turnovers. Mike even surprised me with the New Moon DVD. It was low key and perfect. Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate another year of my life. 28 and great I say!

Owen after his piece of cake, well mostly strawberries. He doesn't eat much these days but loves fruit.
The happy couple. Mike came home in the afternoon to celebrate my birthday with the family. He's been working a lot and every Saturday these days. So it was nice to have him home when the boys were still awake to spend time with him.
Here we are singing happy birthday to me. Half way through Carter started to sing and then he insisted on eating my cake. Even though he had his own piece we shared "mommy's cake" and I believe he ate most of the strawberries.
Do I still get the birthday wish even if my toddler blew out my one birthday candle?

Off to Market.

Here we are exploring the "Fun on the Farm" center at the Rodeo. The boys had so much fun carrying around their baskets and filling them with vegetables, wool, milk and eggs to sell at the "market" and then take their money and purchase something from the "store."

It's a pretty genius way to teach children about where things come from. Feed the chickens, get egg. Plant a seed, get veggies, Sheer the sheep, get wool. Milk the cow, get milk. Sell them at the farmers market, get money. Spend your dollar, get juice or crackers. Lesson learned by all.
Owen and Carter.
Mommy and Carter.
The boys holding hands moving around farm stations.Owen getting a little distracted and me trying to wrangle him in and drive the empty stroller.
Milking a plastic cow.
Grandma ushering the boys to the next station.Planting our "seeds" and watering them. I am in love with these boys and am astonished that we have survived them being born so close together. Then I take a look at pictures like this where they are enjoying each others company and think I couldn't imagine it any other way.
That's it for rodeo posts. Now on to more current posts like my birthday yesterday... stay tuned.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cowboy Up.

Right before Spring Break, my mom and I made a special trip down to the Houston livestock show to see all of the animals and give the boys a sampling of the massive amount of activities that come along with the rodeo weeks. We did this on a Friday morning and other than the large school field trips taking place it wasn't very crowded at all. So we first went inside to the booths and avoided the school craziness and lines outside, and then after lunch when the schools left we headed back outside to visit the kids country. We saw some Mutton Bustin, rabbits, hens, cows, pigs, sheep, chicks, bees, horses, goats, lamas, donkeys and even saw brand new piglets born just moments before we came. Here a few pictures. I have more from the kids farmers market that I'll put in another post. Both boys were so good, happy, hungry, mostly listened and were excited about everything. I'm excited for the next few years when Carter will be old enough for Mutton Bustin.

John Deere. That's one big tractor!Texas Longhorn.
Where's the sheep?
Merry Go Round. Carter chose a "Teddy Bear" and passed on the horses.

Owen telling you his favorite animal at the rodeo.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rodeo Night.

My grandparents flew in a few weeks ago for a quick visit and to go to the Houston Rodeo. We had awesome seats. Right above the hard stock events. So close you could smell the dirt and when the bulls and broncos were up. It was a blast. Great Uncle Tom, My mom, Mike, Me and Grandma Mouser. Grandpa is behind the camera.
Darius Rucker was the artist of the night and put on a great show. We left the kids at home with a babysitter and half way through the concert I whispered to Mike we should probably head home. Just a few moments later Darius started a new set and dedicated the song "It won't be like this for long" to all of the parents who had to go home to pay a babysitter. We laughed so hard and marveled at the new stage of life we've entered. Our days of staying out late have passed and we're totally ok with that, in fact we are happy about it.


Sometimes the most exciting thing about going to the Houston rodeo is the food.
The Corn Dog Carter HAD to have.
Turkey Leg. Not pictured the funnel cake and BBQ pulled pork sandwich. YUM!
If you asked Carter what he did at the rodeo he will tell you, "I ate corn dog and french fries."
No mention of the rest of the fun things we did and saw, just the food we ate. Yup, must be our kid.


The boys Sunday with fresh haircuts and styled up from church.Owen 17 months working on 17 years. Mini GQ all the way for this cute guy!Carter in the one moment he stood still.
Still holding strong on Owens hair. I use scissors and cut Owens hair, Mikes uses the clippers and cuts Carters. I think I'm getting better with time and just can't seem to imagine cutting off Owens brown soft locks any time soon. I've also decided that after trying to grow Carters hair out in hopes that it will lay flat that it's a lost cause and it just looks better short. It's funny to me how different two boys from the same parents can be. Owen has my hair and Mike's skin coloring. Carter has my pail skin and Mike's coarse hair but the same blond color I had as a toddler. But they do have one thing in common, they are so handsome in Sunday clothes even without taking naps.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I've been on a self inflicted blog and facebook hiatus. I've been working on my blog book every moment I get. It's something I've been meaning to do for over two years. I've finally taken the time to do it. The year 2008 is done (143 pages later) and now I'm working on 2009. My hope is to send both books to print before March 31, when my coupon expires.

It's been a task that I wasn't so excited about at first, but have started to really enjoy. This is the reason for my recent hiatus and not posting anything new to the blog. Any spare time I can find to jump on the computer I have dedicated to the blog book. I get started and it's hard to stop. I'm so excited about having all of these past posts and pictures in one book. I'm even more excited knowing that we'll be able to save all of the photos from the blog that we lost last summer when our hard drive crashed. Just so you know I haven't entirely forgotten about the blog. I have posts running through my head and a few things to catch up on... soon.

To tide you over until then here's a cute one of Carter.
This past week on the way home from running errands I pulled up to the grocery store.
My mom then asks, "Do you want me to run in and buy milk?"
Before I could say yes, from the backseat of the car we hear Carter say, "Nope... get coke."
Another cute one of the boys after bath one night. Owen now climbs on the couch looking for the soft plush tan blanket, he'll drag that over and the car blanket for Carter over to where they are sitting. Plops down and lays the blankets over their legs and sticks his thumb in his mouth and watches TV or reads a book. Best of buds.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crafty side.

I've been busy working on my "craftiness." I enjoy searching through the endless craft and how to blogs from neat ladies with sometimes it feels like way too much spare time to make everything look perfect at all times. I mean perfectly decorated homes, fabulous photoshoped pictures, and awesome handmade gifts and decorations. But instead of being bitter with my lack of time and sometimes motivation to do more crafty things, I've been inspired.

Currently my favorite blog is How Does She?

I was inspired to make these awesome wall hangings from their 26 ABC's post. Mine are a lot larger 14x14 and I LOVE them! I wanted a rustic look that would "grow" with Carters room, but would also appeal to his love of cars and coordinate with his bedding.
Carters room. I just need some more inspiration to figure out what to put on his other wall next to his bed. Ideas are welcome! We also have plans to make him a bed when Mike takes vacation in May. For that inspiration I LOVE this bed and this blog. Enjoy and be inspired!