Friday, March 19, 2010


I've been on a self inflicted blog and facebook hiatus. I've been working on my blog book every moment I get. It's something I've been meaning to do for over two years. I've finally taken the time to do it. The year 2008 is done (143 pages later) and now I'm working on 2009. My hope is to send both books to print before March 31, when my coupon expires.

It's been a task that I wasn't so excited about at first, but have started to really enjoy. This is the reason for my recent hiatus and not posting anything new to the blog. Any spare time I can find to jump on the computer I have dedicated to the blog book. I get started and it's hard to stop. I'm so excited about having all of these past posts and pictures in one book. I'm even more excited knowing that we'll be able to save all of the photos from the blog that we lost last summer when our hard drive crashed. Just so you know I haven't entirely forgotten about the blog. I have posts running through my head and a few things to catch up on... soon.

To tide you over until then here's a cute one of Carter.
This past week on the way home from running errands I pulled up to the grocery store.
My mom then asks, "Do you want me to run in and buy milk?"
Before I could say yes, from the backseat of the car we hear Carter say, "Nope... get coke."
Another cute one of the boys after bath one night. Owen now climbs on the couch looking for the soft plush tan blanket, he'll drag that over and the car blanket for Carter over to where they are sitting. Plops down and lays the blankets over their legs and sticks his thumb in his mouth and watches TV or reads a book. Best of buds.


The Youngblood Family said...

I have to do my blog book too. I just downloaded the stuff. I need to get into gear. I'm behind 2 years also. Your kids are so cute!

Jana Dille said...

i totally understand about that dang blog book, it's so awesome to have, but it takes forever if you do all the different fonts and backgrounds and stuff. I have 2 of them and love them and now whenever I do a post I usually go right in and download it so I stay caught up! My kids love looking through them too, it's a great journal!