Sunday, March 28, 2010

Off to Market.

Here we are exploring the "Fun on the Farm" center at the Rodeo. The boys had so much fun carrying around their baskets and filling them with vegetables, wool, milk and eggs to sell at the "market" and then take their money and purchase something from the "store."

It's a pretty genius way to teach children about where things come from. Feed the chickens, get egg. Plant a seed, get veggies, Sheer the sheep, get wool. Milk the cow, get milk. Sell them at the farmers market, get money. Spend your dollar, get juice or crackers. Lesson learned by all.
Owen and Carter.
Mommy and Carter.
The boys holding hands moving around farm stations.Owen getting a little distracted and me trying to wrangle him in and drive the empty stroller.
Milking a plastic cow.
Grandma ushering the boys to the next station.Planting our "seeds" and watering them. I am in love with these boys and am astonished that we have survived them being born so close together. Then I take a look at pictures like this where they are enjoying each others company and think I couldn't imagine it any other way.
That's it for rodeo posts. Now on to more current posts like my birthday yesterday... stay tuned.

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