Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Play Set.

The play set has been complete for a few weeks now and the boys LOVE it! Owen has even warmed up to the idea of the swing. This from the boy who has wanted NOTHING to do it with for the past 23 months. I love that I can open the door and let them outside to play and I can wash dishes or sit at the table and see them outside. It's like a whole new world has appeared for our little family. We love the play set and love Mike for building it for us all!

Owen. Carter.
The finished Outdoor Play Set.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fire Truck.

We took the boys to the fire station a few weeks ago with Marie's family. Her husband works there and was kind enough to let us come take a look at the firetrucks. It was a great reason to get out of Katy, almost a mini field trip that ended with a trip to Costco. It was a fun morning and her kiddos are so wonderful. Her two oldest have always been helpful and kind to my boys, making outings with them that much easier and more fun.

Carter loved it and Owen was a bit unsure about it all. Here are all of the kids. Marie has four, plus my two, we were a big crowd.

Owen, Jayden, Ty, Rylan, Carter and Ashlyn.Owen sitting with Jayden and Ty Holleman.


Carter and a few changes.
He's moved from Lightening McQueen on to Buzz Lightyear. Everything Buzz, I can't remember the last time we even watched Cars. Funny thing is we have a Woody action figure too, but he sort of gets the shaft. Buzz is always the first pick and Woody is more of the consolation prize for who ever doesn't get to Buzz in time.

He's moved on from Ranch to Ketchup. Everything comes with ketchup these days, maybe our visit to Idaho Grandma Dille wore off on him.

Carter says the funniest things now. A few examples.
The other day I asked him if he wanted pancakes for lunch and he told me very matter of factly "Mommy, pancakes are for breakfast, not lunch." Um are you sure you are my child? Breakfast is for anytime if you ask me.

He talks to his toys. The other night I walked into our bedroom and he was rocking in the chair watching a show telling his toys, " Daddy say go nite-nite, but I not tired, he say go lay down, go nite nite, go back to sleep." He was re telling his toys pretty much what had happened that morning when he woke up at 6 a.m.

Mike finished the play set (pictures up soon), Carter looked out the door and said, "Daddy fix my fort, it make me so happy!"

Monday, August 9, 2010

He's Arrived.

Owen has arrived. In the past three days, he's totally changed.
As if to say, I'm almost TWO!
...and you better listen, pay attention, give me whatever I want or I WILL have a complete and total melt down no matter where we are or who is there. It's my way or the highway.
Leaves me wondering where did our passive, laid back, go with the flow, Owen go? I have a feeling gone are those days and the terrible two's are here to stay. Doesn't Owen know we are allocated another two months of his old, pleasant one year old self, before the tantrums hit full force. It has really just dawned on me that I no longer have a baby, but a full blown toddler on my hands.

A Few Things about Owen from the past week.

He loves the "wheels on the bus" song. If he hears you singing it, he lights up moves his arms, comes running from where ever he was and give you the biggest smiles and giggles.

Most frequent words heard from Owen this past week are, "Want That," no matter what it is.

Has a new love for Ranch dressing, before this week he wouldn't touch that stuff.

His favorite place to play is in our empty master bathtub. He climbs in and out and throws his toys in.

When being tickled, he still asks for "more" every time.

He has the BEST laugh ever!

Is the best little hand holder. I adore holding his hand and it fits just perfectly inside mine.

He had his first hair cut from Mike with the clippers. Mike cut the side and I cut the top. It was a challenge, but looks great. I'll have to take a few since the cut, the two above were before.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

No Running.

There is a reason you are not suppose to run at the pool. Running at the pool can be a bit dangerous. Especially if you are a little person.
Owen learned that lesson today.
A full on face plant and he has the wounds to show it.
Poor Guy. It's so sad.
Here he is this afternoon with antibiotic cream on his little nose.
Hopefully, yet doubt it, this should be a lesson learned.
Tomorrow there will be No Running while at the pool.

Poor Man Silly Bandz.

*Post Edit update. I realize that my post was a bit harsh. I am not a "hater" of the silly bands. I think I just wasn't a believer at first and well, yes, I am cheap about certain things. Since then, both Lindsay and Lynette have showered my son with REAL silly bands and he LOVES them, and yes I love these girls for loving my family enough to share. Today 8/15/10 I broke down and bought both boys silly bands, nothing fancy, just the $1 spot ones from Target, but oh how fun they are for both of them. So I admit, I eat my words from this post. :) I too am now a supporter.

The Poor Man's Silly Bandz = an arm full of colored rubber bands.
A few of Carters friends have the official Silly Bandz (a brand of silicone rubber bands formed into shapes including animals, objects, and letters). The inventor of these, rightfully named, "Silly" things is making a killing.

I find them a bit ridiculous, but I suppose that comes with my age. Needless to say, I have not bought into the idea and haven't purchased any for my boys. (Although at Academy a few weeks ago, for a minute I actually considered it- yikes, what was I thinking. That would have
just created it's own 3 year old monster. I rightfully talked myself out of that one. )

But the kids do love them. So today when we came home from the pool Carter discovered a bag full of red and orange rubber bands. He then proceeded to but EVERY last one of them on his tiny wrist. He was in heaven. I call them the poor mans version. Good thing is, he doesn't really get the difference. Whew.