Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Carter and a few changes.
He's moved from Lightening McQueen on to Buzz Lightyear. Everything Buzz, I can't remember the last time we even watched Cars. Funny thing is we have a Woody action figure too, but he sort of gets the shaft. Buzz is always the first pick and Woody is more of the consolation prize for who ever doesn't get to Buzz in time.

He's moved on from Ranch to Ketchup. Everything comes with ketchup these days, maybe our visit to Idaho Grandma Dille wore off on him.

Carter says the funniest things now. A few examples.
The other day I asked him if he wanted pancakes for lunch and he told me very matter of factly "Mommy, pancakes are for breakfast, not lunch." Um are you sure you are my child? Breakfast is for anytime if you ask me.

He talks to his toys. The other night I walked into our bedroom and he was rocking in the chair watching a show telling his toys, " Daddy say go nite-nite, but I not tired, he say go lay down, go nite nite, go back to sleep." He was re telling his toys pretty much what had happened that morning when he woke up at 6 a.m.

Mike finished the play set (pictures up soon), Carter looked out the door and said, "Daddy fix my fort, it make me so happy!"

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