Sunday, September 26, 2010


One week left in the US until we ship off to Saudi.

Can it really only be one week left? I feel like this past week as been one day, one very long blurred day.

But in that time we have moved our house, packers were here on Tuesday and Wednesday and packed EVERYTHING that I had written on the inventory sheet (the most time consuming thing ever to inventory your WHOLE house, think 10 pairs of jeans, 6 cotton shirts... you get the point right?).

Mike sold his beloved TL on Wednesday. My MDX is also being sold, but kept in the family. It will be shipped out this week up to Idaho.

Thursday we said goodbye to my mom, brother and dog (didn't hear back in time if he got approved to be let into the country, couldn't risk keeping him and then having them say no- so he's off with grandma and when she comes to visit we'll try again- that also is the LONGEST process with several hoops to jump through.) That may have been the hardest part of the week. I did not want her to go. She was so helpful and we could not have done the move without her. Love you mom!

Lastly, and well maybe the most important thing of the week...
It's official, it's sold and we are now non-homeowners. Officially homeless and staying with good friends willing to take us and our -totally out of control because of the moving and change- kids.

Things are amazingly busy and once again I hope we survive it all.
Seven days left and counting.
Let the Houston Bucket List start... which happens to really only include my favorite restaurants.
Hugs, A

Sunday, September 19, 2010


It's been a week where everyday seems to flow continually into the next. With only a few weeks left in the states the list of "to-do's" always seems to get longer despite the great amount of tasks actually being crossed off the list.

My sister, niece and mom came into town this week. Lori stayed for a few days with Emma and my mom is still here to help with the move. (Thank goodness for moms being willing to travel and help- she is my hero this week!!!)

Lori is my opposite in a lot of ways, and it was good that she came and forced me to relax a bit. That may have been my only opportunity to do so for a few months. We played with the kids, had some great BBQ and Mexican, I forced her to do a little shopping and we showed them our favorite splash pad. By the way, can I just mention that I am in LOVE with my niece Emma. I even had a chance to do her hair and nails. Seriously, little girls are so fun!Packed weekend.
Lori and Em left Thursday and then the craziness began the following morning.

Friday had new crown put on, got a new fridge and couch for the move, pet a monkey, followed by an ER trip for Owen with two stitches, putting up moving sale signs at 2 a.m., sleep for 3 hours that night, Saturday we survived a moving sale, birthday party, hair cuts and then had dinner with good friends. I haven't been THIS tired in a LONG time, and it's only just beginning.

Movers come Tuesday and Wednesday, house closes Friday. Cross your fingers and toes and say a little prayer for us. This week, to survive we'll need it.

Friday, September 10, 2010


When we headed back east I mentioned we attended my 10 year class reunion. So here are just a few, really didn't take many pictures, but got a few with my girls.

Amazing how ten years can fly by and yet, you always seem to pick up where you leave off. If it wasn't for these ladies, I wouldn't have so many great memories of high school. There wasn't much we didn't go out and do together. They were the ultimate best friends a girl could ask for. I believe I love them more now and am so impressed with the woman they have become.

Kerry Johnson, Tara Stewart and Angie.
Natasha, Me and Jennie. Check out the bowling in the background, reunion with style.
Tara and I as the festivities were beginning.
The happy husband hanging out at the reunion.
We had a sleepover at Tara and Jonathan's home afterward. Where we sat on the couch and giggled. Seriously, with the girls I feel like I will never grow up. Saturday after meeting up for lunch with Kelly, Christian, Me and the Boys. We didn't necessarily go to high school together, but seemed to run in the same circles. We've been great friends since beach week, random yes, but still awesome.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Road Warriors.

From Houston to Nampa and Back.
2 Determined Guys. (Scott and Mike)
1 Trailer.
1 Tahoe.
4.5 Days.
4,075 Miles.
30 Hours There.
1 Day in between to spend with Idaho Family.
34 Hours Back.
64 Total Driving Hours.
Now our prized possessions and keepsakes that we're not willing to ship overseas are safe and sound at Mike's parents home and Scott and Lindsay have their things from Utah.

Our very own Road Warriors.
Who once arriving home declared they "would never do that again!"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mouser Clan.

My mom took the boys Saturday night so Mike and I could attend my reunion. She had the boys at the farm for more than 24 hours and I believe they wore her out. This was the first time Mike and I had been away from the boys overnight. Thank you again mom! We slept in, that was nice. On Sunday we headed down to Charlottesville to meet up with my moms side of the family on the farm. We were there for less than 24 hours. Even with just that short amount of time, we were grateful we were there.

The boys loved the farm. The donkeys, horses, dogs, ducks and wide open space to run and play. The really enjoyed playing with all of their cousins and the rest of my family.

It still thrills me that they were able to spend time with my grandparents. They are the last great grandparents on both sides of our family. Izzy and Doc are young at heart and the hardest workers you'll ever meet. They moved to the farm 10 years ago to "retire" from their original practice in Fairfax, yet still manage to work all of the time as veterinarians for the town in seems like. He's old school and animals and people really like his practice. So he keeps doing what he loves and is good at and my grandma is there to hold down the fort and assist. They both love animals and each other. They are a great time to watch and it warms my heart to see how in love they still are and that they continue to hold hands. I know a small thing, but it's the small things that count.
My Grandma Izzy, the boys Great Grandma Mouser.
Great Grandpa Doc.
Me and the boys, with my Mom and my brother Chris and his family, Michelle, his wife and Isiah. My mom with her grandchildren.
Owen Dille 23 months, Isiah Mathew Bingham 33 months (3 in Nov.) and Carter Dille 3 yrs.
Mike, Me, Carter, my mom, Owen, my brother Chris and Isiah.

Anderson Clan.

We spent a few nights with my brother Chad while we were in Virginia. The boys LOVED every minute there. They loved Chad and Cory, the dog and both cats. Poor cats were chased every where by both boys. Chad had a chance to entertain both boys and loved to wrestle with them. My boys are all boy and well, so is my brother. It was a rough house every night, but a lot of fun.

Cory and Chad snuggling with Carter and Owen before bedtime.
My dad came over as well to meet the boys and spend some time with them. Carter even greeted him with a big hug the first night. I was surprised and I think my dad was a little as well. Owen is the shy kid and it takes a little longer to warm up, but by the end of the night he was snuggled up with papa Woody on the couch too. Here Carter is showing "Papa Woody" all of his silly bands.
Owen has no fear. He's cautious and likes to figure things out, but once he does he's a determined little guy and doesn't give up. Here he is free falling from the ottoman to the couch into Chad and Cory. So trusting, really just feel straight forward like the "trust falls" and he did this over and over again. It was pretty hilarious.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Last weekend we flew back East to see my family. You can't hit Northern Virgina and not visit the Nations capital. It still feels a little like playing in the "backyard" for me. We didn't have much time before our flight but we did manage to walk a little of the mall. Admire the Lincoln Memorial and check out the Washington Monument (or the pencil as Carter called it). Of course, along with our mini sight seeing we took a few of those totally tourist photos.
This is the face of a very hot toddler. I almost forgot we left Houston. It was crazy hot and humid.We also took a little detour and met one of my best friends growing up, Tara Stewart, for lunch at her office. There was no way I was leaving town without her meeting our boys.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


So it's official.

1. Mike is letting me spill it on the blog.
2. Background and medical checks have cleared, Visas are approved.
3. Contract on the house, closing date set.
2. We're moving ... to Saudi Arabia!

We're hoping to ride some of these bad boys. Carter is stoked!
First let me apologize for the last blog leaving you hanging. This has been all thought consuming for me and I wasn't sure if Mike would be ok with me posting about it just yet. Last night I got the "all clear," it's his job so it's only fair to let him decide when to make it public.

Yes we're moving... to Saudi Arabia! Crazy huh? We leave the beginning of Oct. We've been waiting for medical, background checks and visas to clear and then Mike to tell his firm before we said anything. We have started telling people this week, and only recently told our families. No need to make a big fuss if it wasn't a for sure thing. I mean it's not everyday you pick up and move across the world- literally ACROSS the world to the middle east no less. It's been a six month process with interviews and A LOT of paperwork and waiting. Things do not happen fast over there!

He was hired by an oil company there that also has an office here in Houston. We'll be living on their main campus/compound/base. They have several compounds on the East side of Arabia, we will be on the biggest and Mike will work on the campus at the headquarters. Forty hours a week, plus overtime, more money, no taxes, more time with the family, cheaper housing, private American based schools and an opportunity of a lifetime. :)

They say you either dislike it and come home in six months or you love it and stay forever. Our goal is five years, and for sure before the boys head off t0 high school. They don't have high schools on the compound and instead pay for boarding schools (the best ones in the world I hear), but I really want our boys to have the "American" HS experience and will want to be back in the states for that. So really this move, I suppose, is indefinite.

We plan to come back and visit and in all honesty our families will probably see us about the same as they do know. Except for my mom, who is already making plans to come visit us there and will be here for two weeks to play with the boys, say goodbye, help me organize, get ready, and work with the shipping company to box up the house and send it overseas. Oh, how I love and adore her. She's been our biggest cheerleader through this all.

So we're wrapping up our affairs in Houston. We have a contract on the house. One (and the only) showing the first week resulted in a signed contract last Monday, inspection went awesome- no repairs, appraisal was Friday (praying this will come in high enough for the sale price), closing on Sept. 24. We feel very blessed, this alone is a good confirmation that we've made the right decision and are being blessed so that we can make the move.

So this is a HUGE change! I'm still trying to get my head around it. I'm so very excited, but really sad at the same time.

We've had a feeling this year that something big was coming. We've been preparing the house and not renewing any of our contracts. It's nice that we finally know what we've been preparing for.

That's it, that's the BIG change.
It's not a rumor and it's all been laid out for ya.
Now we have less than 30 days left in the States.
Let the countdown begin.

We're all feeling a bit exhausted these days. This is Carter today taking a nap in our bed.


August has been my slowest blogging month. I know I totally outdid myself with a whopping six posts. But it hasn't been for the lack of things happening with our family. It's pretty much opposite. Things have been non stop for us. We are embarking on an adventure of a lifetime and the past few months have been building up to this point and the next month.

It's funny how that happens isn't it. You want change so bad and for so long, that when it actually comes, you have to take a step back and reevaluate why you wanted the change in the first place, because the idea of the change that is now at hand is exciting and scary all at the same time. My emotions are all over the map and I find myself daily trying to figure them out and cope with them. I guess cope is the right word. Who knows, but things are coming. BIG things.

We just got back from a trip to my hometown in Virginia. It had been almost two years since we visited and it was time. My 10 year high school reunion being the same weekend was an added incentive. Let me stop here just to say, 10 years, how did that happen? We spent time on the farm, in DC, hanging out with family and catching up with old friends. It was a nice change of pace for us.

Much blogging coming your way my beloved blog readers (all three of you and my estranged family who never comments- lol), don't you worry.

Here are the handsome men in my life on the airplane home.
They're all mine and I'm a lucky, lucky girl!