Monday, September 6, 2010

Anderson Clan.

We spent a few nights with my brother Chad while we were in Virginia. The boys LOVED every minute there. They loved Chad and Cory, the dog and both cats. Poor cats were chased every where by both boys. Chad had a chance to entertain both boys and loved to wrestle with them. My boys are all boy and well, so is my brother. It was a rough house every night, but a lot of fun.

Cory and Chad snuggling with Carter and Owen before bedtime.
My dad came over as well to meet the boys and spend some time with them. Carter even greeted him with a big hug the first night. I was surprised and I think my dad was a little as well. Owen is the shy kid and it takes a little longer to warm up, but by the end of the night he was snuggled up with papa Woody on the couch too. Here Carter is showing "Papa Woody" all of his silly bands.
Owen has no fear. He's cautious and likes to figure things out, but once he does he's a determined little guy and doesn't give up. Here he is free falling from the ottoman to the couch into Chad and Cory. So trusting, really just feel straight forward like the "trust falls" and he did this over and over again. It was pretty hilarious.

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