Saturday, September 4, 2010


So it's official.

1. Mike is letting me spill it on the blog.
2. Background and medical checks have cleared, Visas are approved.
3. Contract on the house, closing date set.
2. We're moving ... to Saudi Arabia!

We're hoping to ride some of these bad boys. Carter is stoked!
First let me apologize for the last blog leaving you hanging. This has been all thought consuming for me and I wasn't sure if Mike would be ok with me posting about it just yet. Last night I got the "all clear," it's his job so it's only fair to let him decide when to make it public.

Yes we're moving... to Saudi Arabia! Crazy huh? We leave the beginning of Oct. We've been waiting for medical, background checks and visas to clear and then Mike to tell his firm before we said anything. We have started telling people this week, and only recently told our families. No need to make a big fuss if it wasn't a for sure thing. I mean it's not everyday you pick up and move across the world- literally ACROSS the world to the middle east no less. It's been a six month process with interviews and A LOT of paperwork and waiting. Things do not happen fast over there!

He was hired by an oil company there that also has an office here in Houston. We'll be living on their main campus/compound/base. They have several compounds on the East side of Arabia, we will be on the biggest and Mike will work on the campus at the headquarters. Forty hours a week, plus overtime, more money, no taxes, more time with the family, cheaper housing, private American based schools and an opportunity of a lifetime. :)

They say you either dislike it and come home in six months or you love it and stay forever. Our goal is five years, and for sure before the boys head off t0 high school. They don't have high schools on the compound and instead pay for boarding schools (the best ones in the world I hear), but I really want our boys to have the "American" HS experience and will want to be back in the states for that. So really this move, I suppose, is indefinite.

We plan to come back and visit and in all honesty our families will probably see us about the same as they do know. Except for my mom, who is already making plans to come visit us there and will be here for two weeks to play with the boys, say goodbye, help me organize, get ready, and work with the shipping company to box up the house and send it overseas. Oh, how I love and adore her. She's been our biggest cheerleader through this all.

So we're wrapping up our affairs in Houston. We have a contract on the house. One (and the only) showing the first week resulted in a signed contract last Monday, inspection went awesome- no repairs, appraisal was Friday (praying this will come in high enough for the sale price), closing on Sept. 24. We feel very blessed, this alone is a good confirmation that we've made the right decision and are being blessed so that we can make the move.

So this is a HUGE change! I'm still trying to get my head around it. I'm so very excited, but really sad at the same time.

We've had a feeling this year that something big was coming. We've been preparing the house and not renewing any of our contracts. It's nice that we finally know what we've been preparing for.

That's it, that's the BIG change.
It's not a rumor and it's all been laid out for ya.
Now we have less than 30 days left in the States.
Let the countdown begin.

We're all feeling a bit exhausted these days. This is Carter today taking a nap in our bed.


lynette said...

I'm a crazy mix of emotions FOR YOU! I know exactly what you are going through and what you are about to experience, both the highs and the lows (I spent the first three days after arriving in Chile crying my eyes out, saying, "What did we just do?!") But, it has blessed our family in so many ways and it will bless yours too.

We are going to miss you guys, but I'm excited to read all about your adventures in SA!

Em and Tom said...

WOW! I did not see that coming! I am so excited for you! I am also crying a little. It's a lot to take in. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Patty will miss Mike!

Jana Dille said...

angie that is crazy! How exciting though. One of my best friends grew up there and her dad worked for an oil comapany. That is crazy! She loved growing up there though. good luck and can't wait to see pictures!

Elizabeth said...

WHAT!!! You are a brave woman. That is awesome that you get this experience with your family. I hope you really enjoy it, and I am so glad that we have blogs so we can keep in touch at least in this way. Best of luck, we will miss you!

The Youngblood Family said...

Holy cow! I'm so excited for you guys. What company will Mike be working for? I have a friend that just moved over to SA. I wonder if you guys will live on the same base (is that what they are called?) Please email me dates that you have lunch dates/play dates so I can see you before you leave. I can't wait to read about your adventures in SA.

Noel Family said...

Holy crap! Saudi Arabia!?? Wow, definitely don't stop blogging when you get there because I want to see pictures! So you said he's working for an oil company, but doing what? Well good luck and can't wait to see lots of posts!

Anonymous said...

At a girl Penelope. Have a wonderful time. See the world. Be safe. Hugs, J, J, AJ, L & J

emalina49a said...

Wow ang! That is quite the announcement! I am sure it will be fabulous for you all! Good luck and God Bless!

Aimee said...

Wow Angie that's awesome! and crazy lol! I'm glad you have a blog and I will get to see all the pictures from there.
When you said you were moving I was thinking Idaho...haha, SA is a little farther.
Well congrats and let me know if you need any help!