Friday, September 10, 2010


When we headed back east I mentioned we attended my 10 year class reunion. So here are just a few, really didn't take many pictures, but got a few with my girls.

Amazing how ten years can fly by and yet, you always seem to pick up where you leave off. If it wasn't for these ladies, I wouldn't have so many great memories of high school. There wasn't much we didn't go out and do together. They were the ultimate best friends a girl could ask for. I believe I love them more now and am so impressed with the woman they have become.

Kerry Johnson, Tara Stewart and Angie.
Natasha, Me and Jennie. Check out the bowling in the background, reunion with style.
Tara and I as the festivities were beginning.
The happy husband hanging out at the reunion.
We had a sleepover at Tara and Jonathan's home afterward. Where we sat on the couch and giggled. Seriously, with the girls I feel like I will never grow up. Saturday after meeting up for lunch with Kelly, Christian, Me and the Boys. We didn't necessarily go to high school together, but seemed to run in the same circles. We've been great friends since beach week, random yes, but still awesome.

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