Sunday, September 19, 2010


It's been a week where everyday seems to flow continually into the next. With only a few weeks left in the states the list of "to-do's" always seems to get longer despite the great amount of tasks actually being crossed off the list.

My sister, niece and mom came into town this week. Lori stayed for a few days with Emma and my mom is still here to help with the move. (Thank goodness for moms being willing to travel and help- she is my hero this week!!!)

Lori is my opposite in a lot of ways, and it was good that she came and forced me to relax a bit. That may have been my only opportunity to do so for a few months. We played with the kids, had some great BBQ and Mexican, I forced her to do a little shopping and we showed them our favorite splash pad. By the way, can I just mention that I am in LOVE with my niece Emma. I even had a chance to do her hair and nails. Seriously, little girls are so fun!Packed weekend.
Lori and Em left Thursday and then the craziness began the following morning.

Friday had new crown put on, got a new fridge and couch for the move, pet a monkey, followed by an ER trip for Owen with two stitches, putting up moving sale signs at 2 a.m., sleep for 3 hours that night, Saturday we survived a moving sale, birthday party, hair cuts and then had dinner with good friends. I haven't been THIS tired in a LONG time, and it's only just beginning.

Movers come Tuesday and Wednesday, house closes Friday. Cross your fingers and toes and say a little prayer for us. This week, to survive we'll need it.

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