Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Last week we took the boys to see Jolly Old St. Nick. They weren't fans of Santa Clause. Not a smile in sight, but on a good note, not a tear either. Just pure indifference, hesitation and then wiggling to get off the man in the funny suits lap. Owen lasted all of 10 seconds before Santa flagged me down to come get him. So, although I was not planning on it, I had my picture taken with Santa too. I feel a little jibbed in that he didn't want to hear what I would like for Christmas.

Carter was worried about the elf legs hanging out of Santas workshop in the background. He kept saying "stuck" and pointing to the elf. (Sorry he was cropped out) Our local outdoors store had an entire section on the store set aside for Santas workshop. There were coloring stations, trains, fresh cookies and all sorts of other North Pole decorations. The best part, it was all free and only took about 20 minutes in line. The line reminded me of a Christmas Story. When they go see Santa in the department store and you see Santa, jump in line and then realize the actual line is wrapped through the store and around the corner. Yet, even that wasn't too bad because we ran into some friends from church and my mom was there with an extra set of hands to take care of Owen while I chased Carter. It was an adventure.

We have a Santa at home on our bookshelf and the first time Carter saw it, he went right over and pointed to it and then turned to me and said "Jesus."
I said, "No that's Santa."
He looked at me and said, "yes, Jesus."
So although he may not understand the Jolly Old Man, he understands the true meaning of Christmas. At least we are working on in it, and so in Carter's words, tomorrow we will be celebrating a "Merry Christmas" and "Jesus Birthday."

PS- Owen walked up to the same Santa just tonight and pointed to it and said "Santa."

Monday, December 14, 2009

Partners in Crime.

Still rethinking the purchase of step stools.
I may have done this to myself. Another Owen advancement in the past week is his ability to tease/bug/pick on /and entice Carter. It's funny to watch him in action.
Last night Carter was on the couch with his blanket watching a movie. Owen walks over there looks around and then grabs the blanket and pulls it off of Carter. He didn't want the blanket. He quickly dropped it on the floor just out of reach for Carter. Carter cries. We put the blanket back on Carter. Owen goes back for more (about three more times) and does it again, smiling through the thumb in his mouth.

He's also started taking toys from Carter and running with them. He doesn't want the toy but he wants to bug Carter and have him chase him. Along with this new way of thinking in our little Owen, he's decided he doesn't like to have his toys taken away by Carter and is starting to retaliate. Last week it was a tackle from the fridge, pushing Carter about five feet, back to the sink, to the floor and taking his toy back. Carter laughed and thought it was funny. Heck, I did too. But it also dawned on me, that uh oh, everything is about to change and Carter has no idea what's coming. Come to think of it, neither do I.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daddy Fix.

This is a phrase we have grown to love in our home. Mike is the most talented and handy guy I know. If he doesn't already know how to do it or fix it, he learns about it, then does it, most of the time pretty successfully. I know that I am lucky to have such a handy guy around. I just assume all husbands are like this, turns out they aren't and I found a winner.

So this week our dishwasher went a little wacko. Made an awful creek/crack/snap when you opened and shut the door. It sounded bad and when I told him he looked at me and told me we could not afford to buy a new one right now. I'm sure we were both thinking - crap I don't want to wash dishes by hand for the next month! Because I didn't and would have just bought enough paper plates and such to last us through. In sticking with what he first requested I asked Mike to "daddy fix."

He came home took out his tools and went to work.
While he is "fixing" it I fess up to him. It went something like this...
I try really hard with the kids and house and sometimes well... I fall a little short... and Owen stands on the dishwasher door while it is open.

Mike laughed and appreciated that I came clean on the cause. Turns out our hefty 14 mo. old bent some of the springs in the door. Lucky for me and Owen "daddy fix" and we've learned our lesson.

Friday, December 11, 2009


This little guy will be 14 months tomorrow!
He's now a climber and climbs onto, up and over everything.
He can say "hi" and "bye" and "nite-nite" in addition to his other words.
He's a mexican at heart. Loves tortillas, chips, guacamole and will eat spoonfuls of it.
He loves juice and nuggets but can't stand ranch dressing.
He's discovered how to "dip" his food.
He's learning to help clean up and his mommy loves that!
He still doesn't like bedtime, but doesn't mind nap time.
He loves balls and boxes.
He runs!
He's figured out if he puts toys or blankets in his mouth, he can go faster with the momentum of both free hands, and he can carry more too.
He tackles Carter to get his toys back and teases him as well.
He loves to flip through books and look at the pictures.
He loves playing in the cozy coupe and scooting around on his lion walker.
He enjoys the days Carter is in school to have all of the toys and mommy to himself.
Even when he's busy he takes the time to check in with his mommy in the form of a dash across the room for a hug then off he goes again.
He still melts my heart with every snuggle, smile and wave.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The White Stuff.

Last Friday, the Houston area saw something very unusual...
white stuff floating from the sky...
SNOW... IN TEXAS!The weather folks had been forecasting it all week, but really, who believes those guys anyways?
But it did, and for about two hours it felt like Christmas in Houston. We started the morning off Christmas shopping when it started. Just a few snowflakes began to fall and we were all excited thinking that would be it. Then we went to lunch and it really began to come down. The picture doesn't do it justice at all. I only wish I had taken the kids out to play in it here. Because by the time we got home the snow had started to disappear from the ground and stop.
But it was fun while it lasted.

This morning it was still cold. A refreshing cold. I was excited to put on coats and hats. The weather makes me want to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy the Christmas tree, wrap presents, indulge in holiday shopping, bake cookies and spend time with my boys.
The weather guys are now saying in the next week the weather will be back in the 70s... just in time for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Thanksgiving 2009 at the Dille House.
The Kids Table. Carter and Landon.
They sat for about 10 minutes and then were off playing and causing trouble once again. They run non stop when they are together.
The next generation of Dille's. (and McDonalds)
Owen 13 mo., Brooklyn 3 mo., Carter 2.5 yrs., Landon 2.5 yrs. and Jarom 8 mo. Baby Brooklyn, Nikki and I. Bryan and Nikki's little girl is beautiful and always in the cutest girlie outfits. It's about time we had a niece. I've been itching to buy little girl things and she's just perfect, along with her parents.
Both Owen and Jarom are thumbsuckers. Stealing a little time with grandma before family photos.
After a very long Thanksgiving day and no nap this is where Carter crashed. This is rare and was Mike's favorite part of the day. What handsome men I have to admire.
We had a wonderful trip as always. The boys never stopped and each day found new ways to entertain themselves and new things to get into or dump out at grandma's house.

Carter and Owen went for their first visits to see Uncle Brian the dentist, Dr. Dille. The highlight of that visit was the Cars toothbrush that Carter got. Brushing his teeth just got a lot more exciting. Owen wasn't having any of it and sat with a clenched jaw. But we were able to warm them both up to the idea for next year.

I had a chance to do a little shopping, see New Moon, try out Zumba with my darling sister in laws and had a lot of extra hands to help with the boys. Mike was able to brush the dust of his soccer skills and played indoor soccer with Paul and Brenda. I believe that was his highlight. Carter slept in a big boy bed all week and only figured out how to come to our door in the middle of the night the last two days we were there. Carter hated wearing a coat and each time we would put him in it he would quickly try to take it back off. You can tell he's a Texas boy. Owen was a trooper and slept well even with molars coming in and was a pleasant little man the rest of the trip. He didn't mind wearing a coat and hat and loved the extra attention and love that was given to him.

The food was divine, the company was fun and the memories will last forever... or until our next trip.

Paul and Brenda.

I thought it was only fitting to dedicate a post to Paul and Brenda after our trip. Carter is their biggest fans and spent almost the entire trip following them around. He would go everywhere they went, even if it meant rolling around on their bedroom floor while Brenda folded clothes or talked on the phone. He would even wait outside of their room in the morning trying to peek under the door. They were fantastic as always with all of the kids and it doesn't surprise me at all why the kids love them so much and want to spend every moment with them!In fact one morning Brenda and I went to the gym and Carter followed us to the door crying. As I climbed into the car I could hear him banging on the inside of the door. Mike later told me that he was crying for Brenda, not me, but later whined for me. I know I'm not as exciting and Brenda was his favorite person of the trip. It only hurt my feelings for a little while. :)
Brenda and Carter roasting marshmallows.
Carter, Landon, Brenda and Paul watching football.
Carter and Paul hanging out and then Owen trying to figure out how to climb in the chair with them too.

In Good Company.

Each trip home we get together with a group of Mike's old roommates from college. In fact I remember getting together with these guys when we first started dating. They have each married some amazing women and now I think I look forward to seeing everyone just as much as he does. Another reason why it would be nice to move back north.

We went out for cheesecake late one evening and spent almost two hours catching up and waiting for our deserts. Not the best waitress considering the restaurant was empty and it took that long to cut pre-made cheesecake. Good thing we were in good company or I highly doubt we would have been so patient. Sometimes it's nice to just get out and we were grateful for Mike's parents watching the boys for us.

Group photo missing Tom.
Todd and Marie, Aubrey and Mike, Emily and her little guy Henry, and Mike and I.
Mike, Tom and Todd. Emily, Marie and I.

Trip Pics

We spent a full week in Idaho with Mike's family for Thanksgiving. The time always goes by so much faster than we think and there are always items left on our to-do list by the time we have to go back home. But in looking over our to-do list we realize the most important things were done. By just "being there" our children were able to get to know their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins better and we were able to create memories as an entire family.

Shala, Landon, Mike and Carter. Our last night there Grandpa and Ma took both boys for a special outing. They went and picked out cars and got happy meals with just the four of them. Here they are eating their nuggets with their new cars in the background.
Owen and I at the campfire at Shala's house. It was cold.
Our family at the City Christmas Tree Lighting. Owen loved the lights. Carter loved the fire truck but didn't love wearing his coat at all.When the lights turned on. That's one excited little boy!
Can't make a trip out there and not hit my favorite place for fresh donuts. We could have stayed and watched the donuts being made forever. Carter was fascinated. Did I mention how delicious they are fresh and warm, just heaven.Grandma Charlotte with all of the grandkids. Jarom/Landon McDonald, Brooklyn Dille and our boys.

Monday, November 30, 2009


It's always a little hard coming home after being away for a while. This time was Thanksgiving in Idaho with Mike's family. We've been home for over 24 hours and still feeling a bit disorganized and suffering from trip-coma.

Carter slept for 14 hours yesterday and I only wish that I had as well.
It's good to be home.
We miss the family already.
Lucky for us we have no plans to fly anytime soon.
Will post pictures and Thanksgiving highlights in the next few days... Maybe.
Hugs, A

Sunday, November 22, 2009


We saw snow this morning and I think we were the only ones excited about it too! Mostly because we won't have to suffer through the bitter cold and digging our cars out for the rest of the winter. It stuck for about an hour and has since melted away. But I can attest we did see it!

Last night Owen said "Nana" for banana! He's also saying "Mo" for more, "buh" for ball and still saying mama and dada.

Carter has been sleeping in a big boy bed for two days and is doing great. He hasn't woken up in the middle of the night once and has managed not to roll off. He's a big happy boy!

Also saw New Moon yesterday. I liked it, not sure if I loved it. It was afterall my least favorite book in the series. The special effects were so much better this time, there's still some not so great acting but because I love the books it makes me love all of the characters anyways. Maybe I just need to see it again to be sure. It was a treat, thanks Charlotte for taking all of the girls! The highlight so far. :)

That's it. More later and pictures soon enough.
Hugs, A

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Our toddler is mastering the skills of being polite.

I love his little voice. It's hard to say no if he asks like this. Makes me feel like we must be doing something right around here. Thanks for keeping it real and reminding us to be polite Carter.
Love you cute boy!


We've had some busy days this past week. Crazy thing is I can't even recall specific events that made it so crazy, it just was. Everyone is doing well and we're all still trucking along getting things done and trying to enjoy each day together.

Owen, the great remote snatcher. Owen-zilla.
Carter took it upon himself to take care of snack time last Sunday. He got the puffs off of the counter and then dumped them on the floor by Owen to share. SO helpful these days.
After church last Sunday. It was a long morning, I think we all look a little tired. After this photo came lunch and much needed naps. First time for Owen. Falling asleep while eating. I love that he used his hand to cushion his head. Owen also pointed for this first time today.
That's it for now. It's been a night to catch up the blog and after the holidays I'm sure I'll have more to share. Hope everyone else is doing well too!
Much love- the Dilles


Friendships can start just about anywhere.
Sometimes that is just what you need, like a fresh breath of air, a new friend.
Lisa and I met at the gym and quickly hit it off and so did our kids. She has a little boy a year older than Carter, but they still love to play together, and a little girl a few weeks older than Owen. Isn't it funny how things happen? Just one conversation on the treadmill over the summer and from there a blooming friendship. I can't get enough of this girl. We always have a blast together and for the past 11 weeks we've been doing a crazy marine workout. She's become my running buddy and together we went from not running to running a mile in under 8 minutes.
So we decided it was time to go on a double date in hopes that our husbands would also hit it off. We went to dinner and then bowling. It was a lot of fun, in that embarrass yourself by not having any bowling skills, sort of way. By the way bowling on the weekend nights is way more fun with the black lights. Some how gutter balls just don't seem so bad in the cool lighting of the disco balls.
Justin and Lisa.

Mike was the bowling king of the night. Strike after strike and then a spare. He bowled a 147! Where did that come from hubby of mine.Believe it or not a did manage to get a strike, maybe two.
Double date night number two won't be far away. But next maybe mini golf.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009