Monday, December 14, 2009

Partners in Crime.

Still rethinking the purchase of step stools.
I may have done this to myself. Another Owen advancement in the past week is his ability to tease/bug/pick on /and entice Carter. It's funny to watch him in action.
Last night Carter was on the couch with his blanket watching a movie. Owen walks over there looks around and then grabs the blanket and pulls it off of Carter. He didn't want the blanket. He quickly dropped it on the floor just out of reach for Carter. Carter cries. We put the blanket back on Carter. Owen goes back for more (about three more times) and does it again, smiling through the thumb in his mouth.

He's also started taking toys from Carter and running with them. He doesn't want the toy but he wants to bug Carter and have him chase him. Along with this new way of thinking in our little Owen, he's decided he doesn't like to have his toys taken away by Carter and is starting to retaliate. Last week it was a tackle from the fridge, pushing Carter about five feet, back to the sink, to the floor and taking his toy back. Carter laughed and thought it was funny. Heck, I did too. But it also dawned on me, that uh oh, everything is about to change and Carter has no idea what's coming. Come to think of it, neither do I.


Jen said...

I experience similar stuff at my house all the time. Brian (3) torments Aaron (5), mostly just because he can. He totally knows how to push Aaron's buttons and I know I'll deal with this for years to come. I can just imagine what it'll be like when they are teenagers! Good Luck!

Em and Tom said...

Welcome to the joy of having "BROTHERS!" I think i know what I'm doing, and then I think I'm going to cry back and forth about 10 times a day.

Sarah said...

siblings... enough said... love those little boys!