Thursday, November 19, 2009


Friendships can start just about anywhere.
Sometimes that is just what you need, like a fresh breath of air, a new friend.
Lisa and I met at the gym and quickly hit it off and so did our kids. She has a little boy a year older than Carter, but they still love to play together, and a little girl a few weeks older than Owen. Isn't it funny how things happen? Just one conversation on the treadmill over the summer and from there a blooming friendship. I can't get enough of this girl. We always have a blast together and for the past 11 weeks we've been doing a crazy marine workout. She's become my running buddy and together we went from not running to running a mile in under 8 minutes.
So we decided it was time to go on a double date in hopes that our husbands would also hit it off. We went to dinner and then bowling. It was a lot of fun, in that embarrass yourself by not having any bowling skills, sort of way. By the way bowling on the weekend nights is way more fun with the black lights. Some how gutter balls just don't seem so bad in the cool lighting of the disco balls.
Justin and Lisa.

Mike was the bowling king of the night. Strike after strike and then a spare. He bowled a 147! Where did that come from hubby of mine.Believe it or not a did manage to get a strike, maybe two.
Double date night number two won't be far away. But next maybe mini golf.

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