Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Zoo.

Happy Halloween!
Halloween night we headed to the other side of town to trick or treat with the Ramages. It had been a while since Carter had seen Tayson and we knew this would add to the excitement of the night for him. We're not sure he really understood what was happening, but he did say "trick... treat" and "thank you." The problem was trying to keep up with the super fast Ramages, Will and Tayson, and once Carter got candy he would just stand there at the door. Not sure if it was the Halloween decor or what. Owen would have been happier walking and not in the stroller, but I forgot to bring him a bag and was afraid the bigger kids would run him over. Seriously, there's no slowing down a big kid on a mission for free candy. We were out for about an hour and that was perfect. Enough time to fill up his car with candy and enjoy the brisk night.

Halloween modes of transportation.
Owen was pushed around. Carter ran, walked, lagged behind and the last few houses Mike carried him door to door. The very last house.
Candy glazed eyes. The saddest giraffe I've ever seen. He was mad I wanted a picture. Isn't his car bag awesome?
Halloween Dry Run a few weeks ago.
Zebra Vs. Giraffe.
Ready, Set, Go!
This was almost a month ago when Owen was still getting the hang of walking and his is just so stinkin cute in the costume waddling around. The boys loved dressing up and playing. Puts a new meaning to our home being a zoo.


Josh and Shyann Croke Family said...

Super cute costumes! I love little animal kids.

Em and Tom said...

Those zoo boys look like they had a blast! We only went down two streets in our neighborhood, and my kids got way too much candy! Is there really such a thing as a sugar coma?