Sunday, November 8, 2009


What they are up to this week...Carter is all about snuggling on the couch. He lays all of the pillows out and wraps himself up in blankets and tells me "nite-nite." He loves to watch Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street when he's all bundled up. Every once in a while he'll let me snuggle up with him, it's hit or miss if he'll share his blanket.
He's also into making piles in corners. He takes all of his toys out and puts them in piles, then moves them all over the room in piles.
He puts everything in his pockets and before leaving school on Thursday when I emptied his pockets he had seven little classroom cars in one pocket.
Carter is also in the midst of a vocabulary explosion and is doing fantastic with his please and thank you's.
He loves reading right now, takes two books to bed each night and is constantly asking for "mommy/daddy read more please."
Owen is getting two molars and is a little miserable. Both teeth are on the top and have just started to poke through, I have a feeling in the next few weeks the bottom ones will come as well.
Owen is bottle and formula free now. It's been three days and he's doing really well with the adjustment. We did it slowly and he hasn't seemed to notice the bottle is gone. He's a little unreliable with drinking milk and that has been my only challenge right now. It takes a little coaxing. He's a much pickier eater than Carter was and loves yogurt, hot dogs, peaches and pumpkin pie right now.
He's exploring everything these days and is always on the move. Dressing him is like wrestling an alligator. He has caught on to what toys he wants and now protests when Carter takes things from him and tries to replace it with something else. He loves balls and boxes right now and is becoming very good at putting smaller objects into bigger objects.

We're working on signing still and he's starting to catch on to "all done" and "more." In fact he now will tell you more, "mo." Carter even works with Owen and likes to sign for him.
We're all a little pumpkin pie obsessed. It's only the beginning of November and we've already purchased four pumpkin pies from our local wholesale club. Is that bad? About one a week and even so I have to talk myself into not going to buy another one when we eat the first one that week. I love this time of year for the food. Now if it could just get a little colder so I could wear my long sleeves happily while I am eating pumpkin.

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Jeanette said...

"They" are cute! Molars are the worst. Brothers are the best. :) Have a great one.