Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a wonderful Easter with our little family. We haven't seen Mike in a while so it was wonderful to have him home for an entire day. Carter loved it and so did I. The Easter Bunny was good to all of us. Mike and I got a basket full of our favorite goodies and Carter got a lion walker/scooter. He's still too little for all of the chocolate bunnies and peeps, but we promised to share next year. Here are a few pictures of our goodies.

Here are my two guys before church. Don't they look great? I never realized how fun it would be to get an Easter outfit for Carter. I fell in love with the shirt and sweater at the Children's Place over a month ago and finally splurged and got it. I'm just glad it wasn't too hot here yet so he was able to wear the sweater vest. The khakis he wore I got from my baby shower at Reliant from Kathy. They are polo and adorable. Thanks again Kathy!

Mike and I both taught lessons at church. Mike just got a new calling, and still hasn't been released as membership clerk. So he is pulling double duty and is now the Deacons teacher/advisor. He teaches the 12 and 13 yr old boys on Sundays. I think he feels a little overwhelmed with the double duty part and still being in the midst of busy season, but I know he'll do a great job. Plus I know he is secretly pumped about going camping with them this summer. It was a little tricky having both of us teach third hour, but we were blessed to have Stacie take Carter for half the time and Lindsay take him for the last half an hour. Lindsay was a trooper and a lifesaver for us. She had a small break from her little man and was willing to take mine instead. Thank you ladies!

I believe Carter must have read my letter to him last post, because he spent the day snuggling with us. I was laying on the coach and he crawled over to me and I picked him up and he immediately snuggled on my chest. Just like old times and he fell asleep. Not a light sleep, deep sleep with little baby snores. He also snuggled with Mike at church and took a short nap during sacrament, then he snuggled with Lindsay and took another nap an hour later. Could this be true? Is Carter starting to snuggle again? Unfortunately, I don't think this is the case. We're pretty sure his other top tooth is making its way down and he felt pretty bad yesterday and wanted to be held. Either way I'll take it. He had a pretty rough night that confirmed our suspicions, he was up every two hours last night crying, poor guy. He's been working on getting his two top teeth for over a week now. You can finally feel and see one of them. I really hope the other one comes through this week and he'll get a little break from the runny noses and low fevers.

Here's a video from last night. Mike was playing peekaboo with Carter at the dinner table and Carter was cracking up. I thought both grandma's might enjoy hearing his little laugh and seeing the smile that comes along with it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slow Down.

Is it just me, or has time and life in general started to fly by? I have one thing to say to the time that is zooming by, slow down. Carter slow down. I don't think mommy can take much more this month.
Dear Carter,
First, you stopped nursing and are now holding your own bottles of formula. Next, you outgrew your infant car seat and are now in a big kid convertible car seat. You've grown so fast that you are now lucky enough to sit in the middle and see out the front of the car like big people. I've started to put away your 12 month clothes and have had to buy 18 months pj's and an easter outfit that is 18 months. Goodness, don't you know that you're only nine months. This week you've declared your independence and will no longer snuggle with me. My heart is breaking little man. I know you are having a hard time and come to me crying looking for reassurance that I will lovingly offer, but when I pick you up you immediately want back down. Why not let me hold you and you can snuggle on my shoulder like old times? Lastly, more teeth. Top teeth. These teeth just scream toddler to me. So little man, slow down for mommy. Let's enjoy our time together.
Love, Mommy

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Texas Sized Fun.

On Saturday we ventured out and took Carter to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I'm telling you it's one of the biggest things around here and people look forward to it all year. In fact the Friday before the rodeo begins is "Go Texans" day and everyone wears their cowboy hats, boots and levis to work. The HLSR happens for about a month each spring and the rodeo is followed by a concert each night and is usually headlined by some pretty big musicians. We've gone every year since we moved to Texas and even went the year before we moved here with Scott and Lindsay when we came down to visit and pick out an apartment. Last year, we were lucky enough to get to go to one of the suites for a night. I use to work for Reliant Energy, and the venue that hosts the rodeo is named the Reliant Center. So as you can guess, this was a great working bonus and the suite for our company was pretty lush. We were right on the 50 yard line, and had our own wait staff. It was like going to the rodeo and hanging out in a hotel suite. After this experience it makes it a little harder to go back to the "cheap seats" where we normally sit. This year going to the rodeo with Carter would have been an entirely different experience. Because we've been to the actual rodeo and concerts before, we decided not to waste our money and even try our luck in taking Carter. We'll wait until next year and get a sitter. :)
Instead we spent our time at the livestock show trying to give Carter a small experience of real life farm animals. He loved the chickens the most as you can see below in the picture with Mike. I think this goes back to his love for ducks. They also had a really neat birthing exhibit where we saw several pigs and their brand new babies. In the picture with Carter and I, we were admiring more than ten baby pigs. Is there a name for baby pigs? We saw cows, mini-cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, bulls and lamas. Every time we would take him to see an animal he would try to lean over the fence to get to them. Well, that or chew on the metal fence the animal was in. We also enjoyed the rodeo food. They charge way too much for it, but boy is it good. We had barbecue sandwiches, dippin dots ice cream, funnel cakes and Carter had his first french fry. He wasn't really sure what to do with it. He played with it for awhile, then broke it in half and banged both pieces together and then he figure out he could eat it. It's too cute watching him figure out new things.

By the end of the day we were all pretty spent. Carter fell asleep on my shoulder while we walked through the carnival and stayed asleep in his stroller for half an hour. Isn't he a doll all tuckered out? It was at the end of the day we finally found some nice stranger to take a picture of us. Carter was still asleep. But when you have the opportunity to get a picture with all of us together you take it.

We made a quick stop downtown on the way home to pick up Mike's car and check out his new office. To my surprise almost his entire team was there at 6:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. It was a great impromptu "meet the team." They adored Carter, who was very shy and spent most of his time with his head hidden in my leg. Once the crowd disappeared, Carter and I played in the window while Mike packed up his computer. This is Mike's view. A great upgrade compared to his last job where his team was stuck in the basement on folding tables. It was great to meet his new team members and to see his new office. Carter loved playing in the window, so as long as Mike stays by the window we might be able to go visit again.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Book Tag

So I've been tagged by April. I'm a little disappointed that my book tag will be so lame. If I had been tagged a month ago you would have had a brief tease of Eclipse from the Twilight series. I loved these books and have thought about reading all three again in anticipation for the last book to come out this fall. Oh Hum... But that's not the book I have on my nightstand anymore. I finally gave it back to Lindsay who was gracious enough to lend it to me.

Here are the book tag rules.
Grab the book nearest to you
Go to page 123
Go to the 5th sentence on the page
Type the following 3 sentences
Tag 3 friends

"I'm in Pain." This cry begins suddenly (usually in response to a stimulus - for instance, the jab of a needle at shot time) and is loud (as in ear-piercing), panicked, and long (with each wail lasting as long as a few seconds), leaving the baby breathless. It's followed by a long pause (that's baby catching his or her breath, saving up for another chorus) and the repeated, long, high-pitched shrieks.
Book: What to Expect the First Year

Told you it was lame. I've been reading this book lately to try to figure out what things to feed Carter these days. Alright, so I tag, Kim, Marie, and Shyann.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

hodge podge of a post.

I've been meaning to post sooner, there have been plenty of "planned" posts in my head but I just couldn't find the time to actually sit down and write. Hence, the post "hodge podge" I plan to catch you up on all of my thoughts and the little happenings in our family.

9 Month Update.
Carter turned 9 months this week. At his well check up he was 21.5 lbs and 28 3/4 inches long. He's moved from the 90th percentile down to the 50-75th. Finally being able to crawl has slimmed him down. Don't get me wrong, he is in no way a little guy. He's as big as the other 1 year olds we hang out with. For the most part he passed all of the little questions they ask about babies development. The only one he missed was banging things together with both hands. But he managed to figure this out yesterday with Mike and hasn't stopped doing it since. So he's right on track. I wasn't able to capture any great pictures this week of Carter to share, but I'll work on getting one tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the only ones reading this that are really all that interested in the weekly pictures are our family. So for that, we love you and thank you for indulging in our need to take so many pictures of our first.

It has been a long three days but I am happy to post Carter is officially weaned. He took his first bottle of all formula today. I haven't nursed him since Friday morning. It's bittersweet. I'm happy to have a little more freedom but sad to lose the time with my baby. He's been taking it fairly well, until today. He just looks at me and cries. He's had a pretty sad day full of tears and I haven't been able to snuggle with him because I've been in so much pain. He misses our time too. I hope tomorrow will be better for him. I never thought I would nurse as long as I did, and I know that nursing is not for every mom, but I'm grateful I was able to do this for Carter. I know that I was able to do all that I could for him to ensure he received the best nutrients possible in the beginning of his little life. It has been an excruciating weekend for me. I now have a much better appreciation and admiration for other moms that have done this. I hope that I when I wake up tomorrow I'll feel a little better and the effects of weaning on my body will wear off soon.

Tax. Mike survived his first week in the tax group. He seems to have enjoyed his week. Well, as much enjoyment that can be expected from work. He said this new group is full of other married folks with babies. This is exciting for me. His audit group was mostly filled with singles. So I'm hoping this new group will be a little more relaxed and allow for more "family life balance." He has a lot to learn but for the most part he seems excited to learn it.


I have been craving girl scout cookies! Since we bought a box of these little pieces of heaven, otherwise known as somoas, last weekend, I have been hunting for girl scouts to buy more cookies. To my dismay I have yet to run into any. Don't they know I need more cookies? I have cash. I never have cash. I made a special trip to the bank to get cash and have been aimlessly stalking the grocery store at night hoping they will be out with a box of cookies for me. The crazy thing is girl scout cookies are ridiculously expensive. Why can't I be craving chips ahoy or better yet baby carrots. So if you know of a girl scout in the area, please, please send her my way. I need at least three more boxes. :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Carter and I voted today in the Texas primary. Well I voted with Carter on my hip. He played a vital role and held my slip of paper. I think it's such a great example of the progress we've made as a nation to have two candidates, a women and a black man running for office. I always thought Oprah would be the first to run and fulfill both of those titles. :) I also have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed Mitt Romney didn't make it long enough for me to vote for him. Did you vote? You should! It's your right and obligation as an American to vote and make the system work. You have a voice, so get out there and vote!

"People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. Of course, that is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote - a very different thing." - Walter H. Judd

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Little Ham.

Here he is... Our Little Ham. Cheesing it up for the camera last night at dinner. Once he takes a glimpse of the camera he usually turns and looks right at it and gives me a grin. He was in such a great mood last night after church, he sat in his high chair and pounded cheerios while we made dinner and then he laughed and jabbered with Mike. (It's Mike's hand in the picture)

In the last few days Carter has become more adventurous and is starting to stand on his own for short periods of 10-20 seconds. Each time he stands he's able to stand a little longer by himself. Then he plops back down on his bum. Good thing he has a cushy pampers to soften his fall. Here's a video of Mike and Carter. It's just an example of this new "trick." Since then he's gotten even better. I still don't think he's close to walking, he still doesn't have that coordination down. Which I am grateful for. I am in no way ready for him to walk yet. I could use another two months of him crawling. I told Mike Carter can walk in April when we go out for his brother, Paul's wedding in Portland. At that point I believe it will make our lives a little easier to have Carter walk around the temple grounds with us rather than having to carry all 21 pounds of him. (who knows how big he'll actually be in April, he's around 21 lbs now.) The toy you see Mike holding is Carters new favorite toy. It's a porcupine with wheels and a long string that you use to pull it. We believe he loves the string better than the actual toy. Last week he dragged it from the living room into the kitchen, under the kitchen table and over to me by the sink. It was pretty cute. The little things that provide entertainment are worth millions when you're trying to do dishes or cook dinner. Thank you Cory, Lori and AJ Edwards for the porcupine.

Carter turns 9 months tomorrow and we go into the pediatrician on Wednesday, so I'll have some new stats of our little guy for the grandparents.

Mike started his new job in tax today so hopefully he'll come home in a good mood and excited about work. Good Luck today Mike! We love you and hope you enjoy being downtown again! PS- Sometime this week bring some Treebeards chocolate cake home to your poor SAHM. :)