Sunday, March 9, 2008

hodge podge of a post.

I've been meaning to post sooner, there have been plenty of "planned" posts in my head but I just couldn't find the time to actually sit down and write. Hence, the post "hodge podge" I plan to catch you up on all of my thoughts and the little happenings in our family.

9 Month Update.
Carter turned 9 months this week. At his well check up he was 21.5 lbs and 28 3/4 inches long. He's moved from the 90th percentile down to the 50-75th. Finally being able to crawl has slimmed him down. Don't get me wrong, he is in no way a little guy. He's as big as the other 1 year olds we hang out with. For the most part he passed all of the little questions they ask about babies development. The only one he missed was banging things together with both hands. But he managed to figure this out yesterday with Mike and hasn't stopped doing it since. So he's right on track. I wasn't able to capture any great pictures this week of Carter to share, but I'll work on getting one tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the only ones reading this that are really all that interested in the weekly pictures are our family. So for that, we love you and thank you for indulging in our need to take so many pictures of our first.

It has been a long three days but I am happy to post Carter is officially weaned. He took his first bottle of all formula today. I haven't nursed him since Friday morning. It's bittersweet. I'm happy to have a little more freedom but sad to lose the time with my baby. He's been taking it fairly well, until today. He just looks at me and cries. He's had a pretty sad day full of tears and I haven't been able to snuggle with him because I've been in so much pain. He misses our time too. I hope tomorrow will be better for him. I never thought I would nurse as long as I did, and I know that nursing is not for every mom, but I'm grateful I was able to do this for Carter. I know that I was able to do all that I could for him to ensure he received the best nutrients possible in the beginning of his little life. It has been an excruciating weekend for me. I now have a much better appreciation and admiration for other moms that have done this. I hope that I when I wake up tomorrow I'll feel a little better and the effects of weaning on my body will wear off soon.

Tax. Mike survived his first week in the tax group. He seems to have enjoyed his week. Well, as much enjoyment that can be expected from work. He said this new group is full of other married folks with babies. This is exciting for me. His audit group was mostly filled with singles. So I'm hoping this new group will be a little more relaxed and allow for more "family life balance." He has a lot to learn but for the most part he seems excited to learn it.


I have been craving girl scout cookies! Since we bought a box of these little pieces of heaven, otherwise known as somoas, last weekend, I have been hunting for girl scouts to buy more cookies. To my dismay I have yet to run into any. Don't they know I need more cookies? I have cash. I never have cash. I made a special trip to the bank to get cash and have been aimlessly stalking the grocery store at night hoping they will be out with a box of cookies for me. The crazy thing is girl scout cookies are ridiculously expensive. Why can't I be craving chips ahoy or better yet baby carrots. So if you know of a girl scout in the area, please, please send her my way. I need at least three more boxes. :)


lynette said...

I sure hope you dry up soon! It took me over a week with Wes--ouch!
And, you're killing me with the Girl Scout Cookies! I had the same problem last year, so I just called Sis. Baird! Good luck on your quest!

Jeanette said...

It took me 2 wks to dry up and it was so painful. I feel for you.

Carter is getting so big. It seems like just yesterday I was at your baby shower. Time flies. Enjoy it while it's here.

Jen said...

I know how hard weaning is. Aaron weaned himself very gradually due to biteing, but before I wanted him to and I had to wean Brian before I wanted to due to some breast issues. I always miss that private time with my baby.

The Hollemans said...

The HEB on Highland knolls is my little place for GS cookies, on Saturdays. Its far away but theyll probably be out there at least one more week, maybe more. Our Kroger had Boy Scouts out...who wants boy scouts? What knd of good things do they have to offer...bring out the girls!

Josh and Shyann Croke Family said...

Try the Randall's on Fry. There have been girl scouts there the las few times I've been.

Angie and Mike said...

This is why I love each of you. You can tell me where to get my fix of GS cookies. :) Thanks girlies!

Heather said...

No no no... :) Buy some from my daughter. LOL Really, I've weaned and I totally understand what you mean by bittersweet. I would go back and forth so much though that it would take me forever to do it. I hope you're feeing back to normal soon!

The Youngblood Family said...

I hope you are feeling better and some of your pain is gone! Ouch. So not fun! Well, I hope you found your cookies and they ease your pain for a minute! Way to go on breastfeeding Carter for so long! You are awesome! I only lasted 2 months with Caroline.