Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a wonderful Easter with our little family. We haven't seen Mike in a while so it was wonderful to have him home for an entire day. Carter loved it and so did I. The Easter Bunny was good to all of us. Mike and I got a basket full of our favorite goodies and Carter got a lion walker/scooter. He's still too little for all of the chocolate bunnies and peeps, but we promised to share next year. Here are a few pictures of our goodies.

Here are my two guys before church. Don't they look great? I never realized how fun it would be to get an Easter outfit for Carter. I fell in love with the shirt and sweater at the Children's Place over a month ago and finally splurged and got it. I'm just glad it wasn't too hot here yet so he was able to wear the sweater vest. The khakis he wore I got from my baby shower at Reliant from Kathy. They are polo and adorable. Thanks again Kathy!

Mike and I both taught lessons at church. Mike just got a new calling, and still hasn't been released as membership clerk. So he is pulling double duty and is now the Deacons teacher/advisor. He teaches the 12 and 13 yr old boys on Sundays. I think he feels a little overwhelmed with the double duty part and still being in the midst of busy season, but I know he'll do a great job. Plus I know he is secretly pumped about going camping with them this summer. It was a little tricky having both of us teach third hour, but we were blessed to have Stacie take Carter for half the time and Lindsay take him for the last half an hour. Lindsay was a trooper and a lifesaver for us. She had a small break from her little man and was willing to take mine instead. Thank you ladies!

I believe Carter must have read my letter to him last post, because he spent the day snuggling with us. I was laying on the coach and he crawled over to me and I picked him up and he immediately snuggled on my chest. Just like old times and he fell asleep. Not a light sleep, deep sleep with little baby snores. He also snuggled with Mike at church and took a short nap during sacrament, then he snuggled with Lindsay and took another nap an hour later. Could this be true? Is Carter starting to snuggle again? Unfortunately, I don't think this is the case. We're pretty sure his other top tooth is making its way down and he felt pretty bad yesterday and wanted to be held. Either way I'll take it. He had a pretty rough night that confirmed our suspicions, he was up every two hours last night crying, poor guy. He's been working on getting his two top teeth for over a week now. You can finally feel and see one of them. I really hope the other one comes through this week and he'll get a little break from the runny noses and low fevers.

Here's a video from last night. Mike was playing peekaboo with Carter at the dinner table and Carter was cracking up. I thought both grandma's might enjoy hearing his little laugh and seeing the smile that comes along with it.


emalina49a said...

It is such a small world. I saw a link to your blog on the kouldelkas...come check us out at

lynette said...

Cute Easter clothes... cuter boy!
Love those laughs and squeals. He's precious.

Lindsay said...

It was fun to snuggle since Tayson won't even think abotu it. Sorry I missed your lesson.

Cody & Jessica Peters said...

I love Carter's Easter outfit... You dress him really cute! I'm always looking at boy clothes now that I know that I'm going to have a boy.