Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Little Ham.

Here he is... Our Little Ham. Cheesing it up for the camera last night at dinner. Once he takes a glimpse of the camera he usually turns and looks right at it and gives me a grin. He was in such a great mood last night after church, he sat in his high chair and pounded cheerios while we made dinner and then he laughed and jabbered with Mike. (It's Mike's hand in the picture)

In the last few days Carter has become more adventurous and is starting to stand on his own for short periods of 10-20 seconds. Each time he stands he's able to stand a little longer by himself. Then he plops back down on his bum. Good thing he has a cushy pampers to soften his fall. Here's a video of Mike and Carter. It's just an example of this new "trick." Since then he's gotten even better. I still don't think he's close to walking, he still doesn't have that coordination down. Which I am grateful for. I am in no way ready for him to walk yet. I could use another two months of him crawling. I told Mike Carter can walk in April when we go out for his brother, Paul's wedding in Portland. At that point I believe it will make our lives a little easier to have Carter walk around the temple grounds with us rather than having to carry all 21 pounds of him. (who knows how big he'll actually be in April, he's around 21 lbs now.) The toy you see Mike holding is Carters new favorite toy. It's a porcupine with wheels and a long string that you use to pull it. We believe he loves the string better than the actual toy. Last week he dragged it from the living room into the kitchen, under the kitchen table and over to me by the sink. It was pretty cute. The little things that provide entertainment are worth millions when you're trying to do dishes or cook dinner. Thank you Cory, Lori and AJ Edwards for the porcupine.

Carter turns 9 months tomorrow and we go into the pediatrician on Wednesday, so I'll have some new stats of our little guy for the grandparents.

Mike started his new job in tax today so hopefully he'll come home in a good mood and excited about work. Good Luck today Mike! We love you and hope you enjoy being downtown again! PS- Sometime this week bring some Treebeards chocolate cake home to your poor SAHM. :)


lynette said...

Look at him! It's crazy how fast they grow! I laughed when he finally got that string! I think you right about that being his favorite part.

matt and brynn said...

It is so fun to see Mike in dad mode and Carter is getting so big. When did you say you would be in Rexburg this summer? It would be fun to catch up. Even better if you are in Utah, but let us know.