Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slow Down.

Is it just me, or has time and life in general started to fly by? I have one thing to say to the time that is zooming by, slow down. Carter slow down. I don't think mommy can take much more this month.
Dear Carter,
First, you stopped nursing and are now holding your own bottles of formula. Next, you outgrew your infant car seat and are now in a big kid convertible car seat. You've grown so fast that you are now lucky enough to sit in the middle and see out the front of the car like big people. I've started to put away your 12 month clothes and have had to buy 18 months pj's and an easter outfit that is 18 months. Goodness, don't you know that you're only nine months. This week you've declared your independence and will no longer snuggle with me. My heart is breaking little man. I know you are having a hard time and come to me crying looking for reassurance that I will lovingly offer, but when I pick you up you immediately want back down. Why not let me hold you and you can snuggle on my shoulder like old times? Lastly, more teeth. Top teeth. These teeth just scream toddler to me. So little man, slow down for mommy. Let's enjoy our time together.
Love, Mommy


lynette said...

Cute letter!
Sadly, it seems like the older they get, the faster time flies!

Jeanette said...

That is a hard stage for Mommies. I would just hold Hilton while he was kicking and screaming to get in my hugs and kisses. You take what you can get.

Kathy said...

I love this letter to your little are right as they get older time flyies. Before you know it he will be a teen like my first baby. I finally figured out how to work this blog thing kind of. Hold on tight and let the running begin!! Love you and take care

Heather said...

Oh it really does go by way too fast! I'm sorry Angie - I feel your pain. Try to look forward to all the fun things he'll do soon.