Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Taking a break for a few weeks.
Sometimes the Dille's just need a little time to ourselves.
New adventures and living life to the fullest.
So we can come back with more stories and pictures.
Be back soon.
Until then, miss us, we'll miss you.
Hugs, the dilles.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mr. Independent.

Carter is now three and Mr. Independent.

For the past week this little guy has been waking up at 6 a.m. On the spot each morning I hear "mommy pee.. I have to pee" as he creeps down the hall into our room. He goes potty and then sits in the rocker in our room and watched PBS. Yes, while this mommy curls back into bed, I just can't function before 6 these days. Two days ago, I hear "mommy I hun-gree." I then told him to go downstairs and get a fruit bar. He does! Not only that, he unlocked the gate, opened and shut the pantry, then opened the fridge grabbed his soy milk (which was already in a cup) and brought that upstairs too! He then curled into the rocking chair with his blanket and watched the rest of Curious George and gave me an additional hour of sleep. I was astounded and totally stoked at the same time! Mornings as we know it have just changed!

This week I was finally able to get Carter in for his 3 year well check. Still topping the charts on height and weight. I'm also grateful he's managed to put all of his weight back post surgery.
He's doing great and his right on track.

Carter 3 year Stats.

Height: 40 inches or 3 ft. 4 inches. 95%
Weight: 38 lbs. 95%
BMI: 16.72 50-75%

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dadda's and Pappa's.

Happy Fathers Day
to the Dadda's and the Pappa's in our lives.
Love, Carter and Owen.

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.

Three generations of Dille, Mike's dad Val, Mike, Carter, Owen and Mike's mom Charlotte.Mike you were meant to be a dad. Our boys can't get enough of you and are the happiest each day when you walk in the door. We are so lucky to have you!
Mike holding Carter a few hours after he was born. June 2007Mike holding Owen for the first time. October 2008.Happy Fathers Day to My Dad.
Just wishing Virginia wasn't so far away. Here he is holding Carter Thanksgiving 2008. I hope you have a great day dad, we're thinking about ya! Love you. AI found this quote about dads, and as a mother of two little boys with a husband who likes to wrestle with the boys, this made me smile.

My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, "You're tearing up the grass." "We're not raising grass," Dad would reply. "We're raising boys." ~Harmon Killebrew

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dinasours at the Zoo.

Reminds me a little of Jurassic Park.
What to do you think?
We also made it to the zoo last weekend with the grandparents in town. There is a new exhibit this summer featuring Dinosaurs, so we knew it would be right up our boys alley. After all we are avet watchers of PBS Dinosaur Train. The boys loved the zoo, even with the heat and humidity they managed to have a good time and so did we. Life is never boring with two little boys around and it's always a joy to see them happy, laughing and exploring the world and in this case the zoo.

Our Family and the T-Rex.
Another Dinosaur.
Running after the animals, one exhibit at a time.
Water Fountains.
Another Dinosaur, this time you can sit on him.
Yes, I know not the best round of pictures. But it's a bit challenging trying to chase kiddos and take pictures all at the same time. Let alone, getting everyone still long enough for a group photo.

We really had our own stay-vacation with Mike's parents in town. We were able to do a few things in Houston we'd been wanting to do but haven't been able to yet this year. Having family in town, then visits to the zoo and beach are great ways to kick off the summer. Bring on the fun, the Dille's are ready for it.


Galveston Island.
Our first trip to the beach, well the Gulf, this year.
We packed the boys and the grandparents in the car and headed to the gulf for some fun in the sun. We came armed with a new beach umbrella, chairs, shovels, buckets, sunscreen and happy faces.

The beach was pretty fun. The boys had a ton of fun and could have spent all day out there. Owen had no fear and loved the water and putting his face in it. Carter had a great time digging in the sand and chasing the waves on the shore. The weather was hot but there was a breeze to cool everyone off. The only downfall, which it's a good thing we brought our happy faces, was the insane amount of seaweed that covered the actual "beach." I love all beaches and hope this is only the first of beach trips for our family this summer.

Carter and Grandma.
Carter was barring her feet in the sand.
Papa and the boys.
Building sandcastles together.

Family Party.

We celebrated Carters birthday again, when Mike's parents came into town for the weekend. He is now convinced you get two birthdays and I am totally ok with that.

We spent the day at the zoo (another post coming soon), went to Chickfila for lunch by the request of the newly three year old in the family, came home opened presents and went out to dinner at the awesome Mexican restaurant mentioned in the "that mom" post. Only this time we ate indoors and avoided any swimming temptations. The wait staff came out and sang to him with an ice cream sundae and a sparkler. I've never seen his eyes so big and he LOVED every moment. Still can't believe he is three.

Here he is with his presents. Check out the awesome dinosaur wrapping paper I found. Yes, he is wearing his t-rex shirt on purpose as well. We had a dinosaur birthday.Opening the "his" new DVD player for our upcoming trip. He also got a new pair of shades. Along with a few books, pj's, shirts and a few toys.
This is the face of the one year old wishing it was his birthday and presents. Owen was a good sport and let Carter enjoy his day.
Grandma and Papa Dille went back to Idaho on Monday afternoon. We spent every moment they were here doing something. It's always hard to see family go. An empty house is always a little sad and the boys miss them already. Thanks for coming. Love you guys!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

organic pj's.

I bought Carter a new pair of car pajamas.
They are organic cotton.
They were on super clearance.
Three Bucks.

Tonight I put Carter in his new pj's and told Mike about my great deal on organic pajamas.
His reply with a bit of sarcasm.
"Organic, cotton. That's great... for when we want to eat them."
Then he laughed and walked away.
Smart Alick.
I don't think he appreciated the pj's like I did.
But it did make me laugh.
And laugh hard.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cow Celebrations.

Last week I asked Carter where he wanted to go for his birthday party and I guess I shouldn't be surprised about where he picked. Everyone knows the Dille's like Chickfila and so it's only fitting we celebrate with style, at Chickfila, with the cow and our good buds.

All it took to make this birthday boy happy was...
A big walking cow.His best buds.
(Conner, Carter and Tayson. They don't look very happy here, but they ALL had a fun time. )
Yummy Chickfila Nuggets and lemonade.
Ice Cream and Lightening McQueen Cupcakes.
Presents of course, he's three.
Snazzy gift bags for his boys with matching red shades.
Green Shades for his baby brother Owen. And Balloons. It was a birthday celebration with style.
You can expect nothing less from the Dille's. We like to have a good time and look good doing it. Thanks for celebrating Carters birthday with us. He had SO much fun! I imagine he will continue to talk about it for the rest of the week, if not longer.

Happy Birthday Carter.


Happy Birthday Little Man.With another year comes much growing, learning, loving, hugs, tantrums, independence, craziness and surprises. It's still hard to believe you've moved up a digit my baby boy.
Carter is THREE! and he'll be the first to tell you.
How quickly time passes.
Each day I'm amazed at how much you change over night.
first day with Carter.
Born June 4, 2007.
At just a year Carter was already showing spunk.
He loved to be where we were and do what we were doing and we loved every moment spent with him.
At Two Carter continued to amaze us. He'd make friends with everyone and always seemed to be a leader without trying. Now at Three, he's still the life of the party. He loves playing with his brother and friends. He likes to run, jump, dance and play outside. He loves animals, cars, trains, blocks, riding in the car with the window rolled down, church, listening to music and being silly. He's a pretty typical three year old and we're grateful he's ours!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Just a quick post. Carter is on the mend. In the past few days he's started to feel better, eat, drink, sleep better, and become a more happy little boy and less of a sickie. He's begun to talk more again and has a bit of a nasal sound from the surgery. We were told this is a side effect and hope it doesn't stick around for too long. Today he insisted on eating Cheetos with his lunch and was actually able to eat them. This alone tells me things are better and we're on our way to some normalcy around the Dille house.

This is a good thing for everyone. We're grateful for all of the prayers said for Carter, for his healing and strong little spirit.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 lbs.

So the "better" day earlier this week has been followed by a few days and nights that have stunk. Yesterday I'd had enough and called the ENT. Carter was wasting away and we couldn't get him to eat and that just wasn't acceptable to me.

I took him in that morning and in just a week he has dropped from 38 to 34 lbs. For bigger people 4 lbs doesn't seem like much, but 4 lbs in a toddler is huge! The difference between healthy and skin and bones. The doctor said it's rare but there are kids who just won't eat for a while after wards. He'll drink, so that is what is keeping him out of the hospital. He's not dehydrated and he's better off at home drinking whatever he wants. We also got a new prescription for his pain and so far the Tylenol with codeine seems to be working so much better than the vicodine. As for his throat, the Doc said it didn't look good, but not really bad either. So I guess we can just take that for what it's worth and give it a few more days.

Another, "the past few days have stunk" contributing factor is that Owen has come down with a case of pink eye. Called the pediatrician and picked up eye drops that morning and boy are they a beast to get into his eyes. This little guy can put up a fight when he wants to.

We haven't been out much. The gym the past two days but that's been about it. Carter sits and watches the other kids (and Owen) play and run around, while he waits to go back home. But he's a good sport and a change of scenery is good for all of us. Every once in a while he has a good hour and plays with Owen. Right now he's favorite thing is the flashlight. Mostly, we've watched A LOT of movies over the past week. Here are the boys watching Nemo this afternoon together.
With all of this being said, Carter's 3rd birthday is being postponed for another week. Until now he's been talking about his birthday non stop and I want him to feel good and actually be able to enjoy the day. This was a hard decision for me, but with the reassurance of a good friend I know it's the right one. So, Carter will be celebrating next Wednesday with his friends (that is if he's back to him old self by then) and then next weekend will be "his birthday." So we love you all, but please don't call tomorrow to say happy birthday, wait another week and call then. It'll be our little secret and years from now I'm hoping he'll appreciate the small gesture from a mommy trying to give her baby the best 3 year old birthday she can. :)