Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mr. Independent.

Carter is now three and Mr. Independent.

For the past week this little guy has been waking up at 6 a.m. On the spot each morning I hear "mommy pee.. I have to pee" as he creeps down the hall into our room. He goes potty and then sits in the rocker in our room and watched PBS. Yes, while this mommy curls back into bed, I just can't function before 6 these days. Two days ago, I hear "mommy I hun-gree." I then told him to go downstairs and get a fruit bar. He does! Not only that, he unlocked the gate, opened and shut the pantry, then opened the fridge grabbed his soy milk (which was already in a cup) and brought that upstairs too! He then curled into the rocking chair with his blanket and watched the rest of Curious George and gave me an additional hour of sleep. I was astounded and totally stoked at the same time! Mornings as we know it have just changed!

This week I was finally able to get Carter in for his 3 year well check. Still topping the charts on height and weight. I'm also grateful he's managed to put all of his weight back post surgery.
He's doing great and his right on track.

Carter 3 year Stats.

Height: 40 inches or 3 ft. 4 inches. 95%
Weight: 38 lbs. 95%
BMI: 16.72 50-75%


Marie said...

Mornings are sooo much better when kids can get their own breakfast! Great news! :)

Rachael Jill said...


Love that photo of you and your hubby. You are a total babe.