Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Happy Birthday Little Man.With another year comes much growing, learning, loving, hugs, tantrums, independence, craziness and surprises. It's still hard to believe you've moved up a digit my baby boy.
Carter is THREE! and he'll be the first to tell you.
How quickly time passes.
Each day I'm amazed at how much you change over night.
first day with Carter.
Born June 4, 2007.
At just a year Carter was already showing spunk.
He loved to be where we were and do what we were doing and we loved every moment spent with him.
At Two Carter continued to amaze us. He'd make friends with everyone and always seemed to be a leader without trying. Now at Three, he's still the life of the party. He loves playing with his brother and friends. He likes to run, jump, dance and play outside. He loves animals, cars, trains, blocks, riding in the car with the window rolled down, church, listening to music and being silly. He's a pretty typical three year old and we're grateful he's ours!

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