Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 lbs.

So the "better" day earlier this week has been followed by a few days and nights that have stunk. Yesterday I'd had enough and called the ENT. Carter was wasting away and we couldn't get him to eat and that just wasn't acceptable to me.

I took him in that morning and in just a week he has dropped from 38 to 34 lbs. For bigger people 4 lbs doesn't seem like much, but 4 lbs in a toddler is huge! The difference between healthy and skin and bones. The doctor said it's rare but there are kids who just won't eat for a while after wards. He'll drink, so that is what is keeping him out of the hospital. He's not dehydrated and he's better off at home drinking whatever he wants. We also got a new prescription for his pain and so far the Tylenol with codeine seems to be working so much better than the vicodine. As for his throat, the Doc said it didn't look good, but not really bad either. So I guess we can just take that for what it's worth and give it a few more days.

Another, "the past few days have stunk" contributing factor is that Owen has come down with a case of pink eye. Called the pediatrician and picked up eye drops that morning and boy are they a beast to get into his eyes. This little guy can put up a fight when he wants to.

We haven't been out much. The gym the past two days but that's been about it. Carter sits and watches the other kids (and Owen) play and run around, while he waits to go back home. But he's a good sport and a change of scenery is good for all of us. Every once in a while he has a good hour and plays with Owen. Right now he's favorite thing is the flashlight. Mostly, we've watched A LOT of movies over the past week. Here are the boys watching Nemo this afternoon together.
With all of this being said, Carter's 3rd birthday is being postponed for another week. Until now he's been talking about his birthday non stop and I want him to feel good and actually be able to enjoy the day. This was a hard decision for me, but with the reassurance of a good friend I know it's the right one. So, Carter will be celebrating next Wednesday with his friends (that is if he's back to him old self by then) and then next weekend will be "his birthday." So we love you all, but please don't call tomorrow to say happy birthday, wait another week and call then. It'll be our little secret and years from now I'm hoping he'll appreciate the small gesture from a mommy trying to give her baby the best 3 year old birthday she can. :)


Em and Tom said...

So sorry. That just stinks! I got mine out when I was 21 and was actually quite excited about the weight loss. hehehe I do have some advise on the pink eye front. If you have the drops, I agree, they suck. But did you know they do have it in a ointment that you just have to smear on their eyes? I like it way better!
Here is to tomorroe being a better day, and I agree about the birthday stuff.

Em and Tom said...

sorry for the spelling goof up.