Monday, May 31, 2010


Today was a better day.
Carter had more of an appetite and actually ate a few small things.

We were able to get a little family shopping done to prepare for our trip.
Mike was able to work on the fort/play set he's building for the boys.
We watched a few movies and snuggled with our sickie.
And the big news...
Owen pooped on the potty.
(Had to throw that one in there too.)

Mike heads back to work and it's back to me and the boys tomorrow. I really feel spoiled having Mike and all of his help this past holiday weekend. He's such a wonderful father to our boys and goes above and beyond for them. I hope they'll always realize how great he is and how lucky they are.

I'm crossing my fingers that things will continue on the up swing tomorrow.
I have a sitter coming in the morning for Carter, so Owen and I can sneak off to the gym for some much needed mommy sanity/ happy endorphins. Other than that, we plan to stay home and take care of Carter. Tomorrow may be a tough day, but I'm being optimistic.

Owen, our little climber. This was his idea of helping to clean up the play room.

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Em and Tom said...

Glad things are getting better. I love the pics. When don't I though? You are good at capturing thinigs.