Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Family Party.

We celebrated Carters birthday again, when Mike's parents came into town for the weekend. He is now convinced you get two birthdays and I am totally ok with that.

We spent the day at the zoo (another post coming soon), went to Chickfila for lunch by the request of the newly three year old in the family, came home opened presents and went out to dinner at the awesome Mexican restaurant mentioned in the "that mom" post. Only this time we ate indoors and avoided any swimming temptations. The wait staff came out and sang to him with an ice cream sundae and a sparkler. I've never seen his eyes so big and he LOVED every moment. Still can't believe he is three.

Here he is with his presents. Check out the awesome dinosaur wrapping paper I found. Yes, he is wearing his t-rex shirt on purpose as well. We had a dinosaur birthday.Opening the "his" new DVD player for our upcoming trip. He also got a new pair of shades. Along with a few books, pj's, shirts and a few toys.
This is the face of the one year old wishing it was his birthday and presents. Owen was a good sport and let Carter enjoy his day.
Grandma and Papa Dille went back to Idaho on Monday afternoon. We spent every moment they were here doing something. It's always hard to see family go. An empty house is always a little sad and the boys miss them already. Thanks for coming. Love you guys!

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