Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cow Celebrations.

Last week I asked Carter where he wanted to go for his birthday party and I guess I shouldn't be surprised about where he picked. Everyone knows the Dille's like Chickfila and so it's only fitting we celebrate with style, at Chickfila, with the cow and our good buds.

All it took to make this birthday boy happy was...
A big walking cow.His best buds.
(Conner, Carter and Tayson. They don't look very happy here, but they ALL had a fun time. )
Yummy Chickfila Nuggets and lemonade.
Ice Cream and Lightening McQueen Cupcakes.
Presents of course, he's three.
Snazzy gift bags for his boys with matching red shades.
Green Shades for his baby brother Owen. And Balloons. It was a birthday celebration with style.
You can expect nothing less from the Dille's. We like to have a good time and look good doing it. Thanks for celebrating Carters birthday with us. He had SO much fun! I imagine he will continue to talk about it for the rest of the week, if not longer.

Happy Birthday Carter.

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Em and Tom said...

You sure know how to put on a party! I'm glad he had so much fun. Last week would have been not so good eh? Love the glasses.