Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dinasours at the Zoo.

Reminds me a little of Jurassic Park.
What to do you think?
We also made it to the zoo last weekend with the grandparents in town. There is a new exhibit this summer featuring Dinosaurs, so we knew it would be right up our boys alley. After all we are avet watchers of PBS Dinosaur Train. The boys loved the zoo, even with the heat and humidity they managed to have a good time and so did we. Life is never boring with two little boys around and it's always a joy to see them happy, laughing and exploring the world and in this case the zoo.

Our Family and the T-Rex.
Another Dinosaur.
Running after the animals, one exhibit at a time.
Water Fountains.
Another Dinosaur, this time you can sit on him.
Yes, I know not the best round of pictures. But it's a bit challenging trying to chase kiddos and take pictures all at the same time. Let alone, getting everyone still long enough for a group photo.

We really had our own stay-vacation with Mike's parents in town. We were able to do a few things in Houston we'd been wanting to do but haven't been able to yet this year. Having family in town, then visits to the zoo and beach are great ways to kick off the summer. Bring on the fun, the Dille's are ready for it.

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The Youngblood Family said...

What fun! Looks like Dusty and I will have to take the boys and CC to the zoo. They love dinasours. Was the zoo packed?