Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sometimes Mommy's have fun ideas too.
Usually these kinds of things are for Daddy.
Not today... A Fort by Mommy.It can be tricky finding things to entertain an almost three year old and his pint size side kick. This time it worked, but the next fort will need to be bigger.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Out Cold.

Last Sunday the boys slept in LATE.
There was no rise and shine in the Dille house until almost 10 a.m.
Seriously, that hasn't happened since before we had kids.
The only down side to sleeping in was the lack of nap before 1 p.m. church.
In that there was no nap at all... for either boy.
They played hard at church and in nursery.
And promptly fell asleep in the car on the way home.
Not just "fall" asleep, I mean "Out Cold."
In that, I was able to pick them up,
carry them inside,
lay them on the coach...
and they still slept! Not only that,
they slept through the banging of pots and pans to make dinner.
Turning the TV on and two phone calls.
They slept and didn't move an adorable muscle...
...Until dinner,
when Mike came home and I ran out the door for youth choir rehearsal.
Ah, the joy of Sundays.


Markers are FOR paper...
and NOT your little brother.Saturday afternoon we went over to our friends Lisa and Justin's for dinner. This is also the home of one of Carters best friends, Conner. The two played hard and non stop for almost five hours with only two major problems.

1. They were both crying, we walked in to see them both holding their head with one hand and a play golf club in the other. You can guess what happened there. Maybe not such a good idea to whack each other was it boys?

2. While eating dessert with the adults the two older boys decided to color Owen. All over Owen and Owen didn't object at all. His face, neck, arms and even some of his shirt were decorated with blue, green and red markers. Justin walked into the playroom to see the boys starting to color their little girl Morgan just like they had colored Owen. I think Lisa was mortified, and honestly, it was a little shocking at first, but generally the funniest thing I had seen in a very long time. Really I haven't laughed that hard in forever! I told her if it didn't come off we would be skipping church the following morning. Lucky for us, we put him in the bath right away and it all washed off. So note to self, the Target dollar section markers are in deed washable. And a reminder that we will need to go over marker etiquette with our sons.

Lemonade and Alligators.

Two of Owens favorite things.... Subway Lemonade and Alligators.Combine those with an opportunity to climb on and up anything and this boy is in heaven. Too often I turn around and find him dangling off of chairs, tables and most recently the kitchen island. This boy was made to climb, he just doesn't understand that he's not suppose to.

Miss you.

After having my mom stay with us for almost six months, she headed back to Virginia last Thursday. We were all sad to see her go, especially the boys. I know it will never be like that again, and I'm grateful for the time we had with her. She knows the boys so well now and they just adore her.

She was a much needed friend throughout busy season. Some how things were just better having her company to watch Survivor and eat dinner with when Mike was working all of the time. She was always up for a shopping date, subway lunch, gym morning and in general any errand running. I know secretly she did it all just to hang out with us and would have done most anything because she loves us.

Our last night together we took the boys to the Rain Forest cafe for dinner. Carter LOVED it! The animals, even the elephants, the fish, lighting, balloons, rain storm, the life sized frog that came to say hello and the food! Grandma even spoiled him and bought him several mini-animal toys/figures as a souvenir, in which both boys play with all of the time. It's a common occurrence to sit on an alligator around our house these days. Thanks for staying with us mom. We love you and miss you already! So... When ya coming back?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Off line.

The internet at the house is down and has been since Friday. Something about a power cord to the wireless thingy, so Mike tells me. Meaning the only access I have to the internet and pretty much to the world it seems like, is tonight as I have hijacked Mike's laptop and his wireless network from his blackberry.

We had a busy week and took a few classic photos to document the good times. It's only been a few days and already I am backlogged with posts. But they too will have to wait until we are back on line at the house.

My mom left to go back to Virginia on Thursday and already we miss her. This week it's back to just me and the boys. So I imagine we'll have some more free time and would love a pal to go to the park with. Don't be a stranger, get off your keyboard and call me on the phone. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Choo. Choo.

Good news. Mike's client filed!
Woot! Woot! So we finally got to spend a Saturday with him on a family date before he changes clients and gets busy again. It was great to have him around and the boys loved every minute with him.

We spent the morning riding mini-trains with HALS. The Houston Area Live Steamers have public run days once a month and are free to the public. So we loaded the boys in the car and headed up the road. We were really impressed with the entire set up and highly recommend it. But go early. We might go again next month because the boys had such a good time.
Here are a few of the engines, to give you a better idea of what they are. I said mini-trains to Mike and he thought I was crazy. I suppose their is a proper name for them but I prefer mini.
Carter was really excited to go and Owen was scared. He spent the first three minutes crying and trying to crawl out of our laps. After that he calmed down and enjoyed the ride.
Getting ready...
Here we go...
Carter and I happened to sit in the front of our train cart. He was in heaven and loved every minute of the trains. They were just his size.
My view of the rest of the family when I turned around to sneak a picture.
Owen fell asleep on our second ride about 3/4 of the way around the track.
Gone. It was a pretty nice ride and just rocked him to sleep.Here are the boys at end of the train ride. Carter did not want it to be over, so we went twice. It was a pretty long ride as well, maybe five minutes around the park, through the woods and over some mini bridges. Everything was really well maintained and you could tell the HALS club members really liked what they did. You can see one of the train engines in the background.
Our boys patiently waiting in line for their turn. The wait wasn't bad at all. Only about 10 minutes with trains coming in every few minutes.
The closest thing we could get to a family picture. It's a big smoker/griller in the form of a train. This was just decoration and for sale. Pretty neat.
Grandma and Carter.
We even taught Owen to say, "Choo-Choo" and pump his arm up and down like you do with truckers on the freeway.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stoplight Antics.

This is what we do waiting at stoplights...

Carter-"I hide under my blankie," then some solid tiger growls.

Just before I pulled out the camera Carter told me, "I growl like a tiger." I really wanted to get that on camera but like most two year olds he's not always predictable or agreeable. But still funny. Never a dull moment, not even waiting at a stoplight.

PS- Last day before taxes are due. Good Luck Grandma and Pa Pa Dille. :) Love and miss you guys! And if you need somewhere to go to relax after wards come to Texas!!!

A Mommy Milestone.

There are a lot things I've learned to do for the first time as a mom. A lot of things that required me to step out of my comfort zone, become a grown up, learn to put others needs in front of my own, learn to be patient and at times place my pride aside and push a car shopping cart at the grocery store. I imagine the rest of my life being a mother of two little boys will be like this. Each day not knowing what to expect but pushing forward and doing the best that I can. But as I reach each mommy "rite of passage" I can't help but think, "hey I did it!" and maybe give myself a high five or two.

So tonight I reached another milestone. I, ALONE, took both boys out to dinner at a real sit down restaurant. Granted it was only Denny's, but it still counts as a real restaurant. Mike was working late, we hit the gym this afternoon and after cleaning this morning the last thing I wanted to do was cook and clean up again. So I did it, I took both boys to kids night and it wasn't a total disaster.

The only two mishaps were Owen dumping his water into my open diaper bag... lovely... and Carter falling out of his chair just once... but just laughing about it and getting right back up.
I do not have any plans to do this again in the near future, but knowing that I can feels good.

What's a post without a photo. Unrelated, but who doesn't love an Owen smile.
Owen in the car making faces and Grandma.

Monday, April 12, 2010

18 Months.

My little man is not so little these days...
Owen is 18 Months!
18 Month Stats.
Height: 34 1/4 inches 90%
Weight: 26 lbs 11 ounces 50-70%

He loves balls, balloons, soft blankets, cups in the shower, new shoes, Sesame Street, dancing, music, playing outside, picking flowers, slides, giggling with Carter, sheep, any toy that Carter has, reading books, brushing his teeth, any kind of fruit, fruit bars, lemonade, Subway chocolate chip cookies, pasta salad, Smarties and lollipops.

He dislikes elevators, swings, large trucks pulling up next to our car at stoplights, being told no, being left behind (he wants to do everything Carter does), not holding his toothbrush (he likes to brush his own teeth and does not like it when we do it), going to bed first and veggies (he's my picky eater).

With turning 18 months comes another rite of passage... Nursery at church! That's right, Sunday was Owen's first day of Nursery. He's been waiting not so patiently for the doors to open and be invited to stay and play. This was his day. Carter is in the senior nursery and Owen is in the junior nursery. So I was a little worried about how he would do without his brother. We walked in, took a look around, spotted a large green ball, Owen took off after the ball and I took off out the door before he could think twice. His leaders said he was great and a joy to have. Here he is showing off his first nursery coloring page.
Owen and Carter after church. I love spring and all of the bright colors that come back in style. My boys rock the bright polo's with jeans too and totally melt my heart.
All three handsome men in my life. Owen wasn't very cooperative at this point taking pictures. Here is Carter's "cheese" face.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The family.

Here are the last set of Blue Bonnet pictures. I did write that I had A LOT and I wasn't joking. With plans to turn each year of the blog into our family journal it's hard to narrow down pictures. I know our boys will only be this young for so long and so will Mike and I for that matter. Time goes by so quickly and pictures and these memories will be all that we have to remember them. And I want to remember everything.

Mike wasn't able to make it out to the Blue Bonnets this year with us. He's been working really hard for a new client that hasn't filed yet, therefor he has little to no time to spend doing leisure activities with the family. So instead, we took my mom with us for the afternoon. She was wonderful, patient and did a great job taking photos of me and my little men. Here are a few of my favorites.
Mommy and Owen.
Carter and Mommy. He's been much more snuggly with me lately. Wanting to be held and hugged and I love the extra time with him as well.
We did a lot of this...
don't worry we only "picked" the yellow flowers. Even as Texas transplants we know we're not allowed to pick the state flower.
Grandma and Owen and the field of flowers. The other side of the field was more full, but this will give you an idea of what it was like. Really nothing compares to driving down the highway and watching fields of blue pass you by and to see cows grazing amongst acres of Blue Bonnets. What a blessing to be in Texas this time of year and to see the wild flowers everywhere. It's a small window in the spring that we get to see Blue Bonnets and it's somewhat of a Texas tradition to take your family dressed in white for family photos. After being here for six years I don't believe there is anything else that I look forward to as much as this. Thank you Heavenly Father for creating the earth and every living thing upon it. Thank you for blessing our lives with beauty and simplicity. We are grateful.

Both Boys.

Here are both boys at the Blue Bonnets.

Carter Blue Bonnets.

Carter 2.5 years old in the Texas Blue Bonnets. Carter has always been my adventurous and high energy kiddo. He's never seems to slow down and is always into something. When I told him we were going to take pictures in the flowers that afternoon he was so excited and continued to talk about it until we got there. He loved the flowers, the open field to explore and the chance to pose for the camera.

During the photo taking my mom tried to get the boys to look up by telling them to look at the horse. Note to everyone - there was no horse. We were desperate to get their attention for some family photos and that is what she came up with. Later, at one point we looked up and Carter is half a field away. I called for him to come back and he replied, "I'm looking for the horse."

He also loved the Texas bride taking pictures in her wedding gown and cowboy boots in the blue bonnets as we left. He had to go tell her she was pretty, so we did and I think he made her day.

Owen Blue Bonnets.

Owen 18 months in the Texas Blue Bonnets.
Owen is my cautious and sometimes timid child. He loved looking at the flowers and walking through the fields. But hated the bugs and weeds and at the end wanted nothing to do with any of it, flowers included. He was a good sport through the car ride and being dragged around the field with Carter for pictures. It's not very often the boys get a chance to just run in such a wide open space, so run they did and at the end of the day they were spent.