Sunday, April 18, 2010

Choo. Choo.

Good news. Mike's client filed!
Woot! Woot! So we finally got to spend a Saturday with him on a family date before he changes clients and gets busy again. It was great to have him around and the boys loved every minute with him.

We spent the morning riding mini-trains with HALS. The Houston Area Live Steamers have public run days once a month and are free to the public. So we loaded the boys in the car and headed up the road. We were really impressed with the entire set up and highly recommend it. But go early. We might go again next month because the boys had such a good time.
Here are a few of the engines, to give you a better idea of what they are. I said mini-trains to Mike and he thought I was crazy. I suppose their is a proper name for them but I prefer mini.
Carter was really excited to go and Owen was scared. He spent the first three minutes crying and trying to crawl out of our laps. After that he calmed down and enjoyed the ride.
Getting ready...
Here we go...
Carter and I happened to sit in the front of our train cart. He was in heaven and loved every minute of the trains. They were just his size.
My view of the rest of the family when I turned around to sneak a picture.
Owen fell asleep on our second ride about 3/4 of the way around the track.
Gone. It was a pretty nice ride and just rocked him to sleep.Here are the boys at end of the train ride. Carter did not want it to be over, so we went twice. It was a pretty long ride as well, maybe five minutes around the park, through the woods and over some mini bridges. Everything was really well maintained and you could tell the HALS club members really liked what they did. You can see one of the train engines in the background.
Our boys patiently waiting in line for their turn. The wait wasn't bad at all. Only about 10 minutes with trains coming in every few minutes.
The closest thing we could get to a family picture. It's a big smoker/griller in the form of a train. This was just decoration and for sale. Pretty neat.
Grandma and Carter.
We even taught Owen to say, "Choo-Choo" and pump his arm up and down like you do with truckers on the freeway.

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