Sunday, April 11, 2010

Carter Blue Bonnets.

Carter 2.5 years old in the Texas Blue Bonnets. Carter has always been my adventurous and high energy kiddo. He's never seems to slow down and is always into something. When I told him we were going to take pictures in the flowers that afternoon he was so excited and continued to talk about it until we got there. He loved the flowers, the open field to explore and the chance to pose for the camera.

During the photo taking my mom tried to get the boys to look up by telling them to look at the horse. Note to everyone - there was no horse. We were desperate to get their attention for some family photos and that is what she came up with. Later, at one point we looked up and Carter is half a field away. I called for him to come back and he replied, "I'm looking for the horse."

He also loved the Texas bride taking pictures in her wedding gown and cowboy boots in the blue bonnets as we left. He had to go tell her she was pretty, so we did and I think he made her day.

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Sarah said...

How c.u.t.e. Your two little handsome boys! I want to just kiss thier cheeks and give 'em hugs! Can you do that for me?!