Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The weather has been amazing for the past few weeks. It's warm without the Texas humidity. Perfect for spending every free moment outside. Spring has arrived and everything is starting to come alive, including us. I feel refreshed and ready to get out and do things.

We've spent several afternoons at the park and most days just playing in our own backyard. Last Friday we had playgroup at a local park and also had a small Easter egg hunt. The boys had a great time playing with their friends, finding eggs and riding the playground "ponies." Owen loved the little tricycle that one of the moms had brought. Might have to invest in one for the summer.
Once again, Carter digging into his Easter goodies.
So excited!
Neither one wanted to slow down long enough for a picture together.
Even now, when you open the back door to let the dogs out Owen will cry and throw a fit if you don't let him out too. I believe both boys are digging the outdoors as well, which I'm all about right now before the summer hits with a wall of heat and humidity. The weather right now is truly the reason why we moved here. Bring on the sunshine and 70's.

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