Monday, August 22, 2011


Today. We went to church and Carter said his first prayer in primary opening exercises. I think he was more fascinated with the mic, but generally did a good job.

I still look at him and think, when did you get so big? Today we took a nap, and he snuggled up to me and we slept. Carter is such a special little soul. More than once a day, he comes and finds me, hugs me and tells me he loves me. He makes me feel special and so lucky to have him.

Today, I plowed through several posts in a desperate attempt to catch up on a summer. But with that also comes the feeling of remorse, because I didn't take nearly enough photos to capture our summer here in Idaho.

Today was our last Sunday in Nampa. Tuesday morning we head back to Virginia.

Today the family crew came over for dinner. The cousins played, the adults gathered around the dinner table and talked. I miss this. I miss Mike too. I'm sad to be leaving but so glad that in just a few days Mike will be with us.

I have four dish barrel boxes packed, now the magic will be to get everything else into one big suitcase and two small ones.

I think the kids are going to have a hard time leaving.

Plans for tomorrow, gym, pack, take Carter to the dentist (Uncle Bryan), a few last minute errands and possibly squeeze in some Mexican food.

Hugs, A

Backyard Afternoons.

While Mike was still in town, we had a little backyard picnic and family get together. Mike's Uncle Carl brought his family and all of his girls. Who are grown with their own families but jnust happened to be home for the weekend together. The Charlotte's sister, Marilyn came with her husband Dennis. Along with Mike's cousin Cory and his wife and their two boys. It was a fun afternoon. We enjoyed some cake and ice cream, and the kids ran a muck in the yard. Come to think of it, this is really how we've spent a lot of our afternoons. Running around in the backyard.

Owen in front of Mike's cousin Cory's new truck. BIG truck. Carter, Owen and Cory and Lori's sons, AJ and Luke.

I know it means a lot to Mike to see his family. We are grateful for the opportunity we have to work overseas, but missing family is a hard pill to chew. Anytime we get to see everyone is a blessing. Hugs, A

Movie Time.

I mentioned we took the boys to see Cars 2. Finally the pictures of our happy boys with cousin Landon outside and inside the theatre. Thanks for the special treat Grandma and pappa.

After the movie. Bellys full of popcorn, twizzlers and sour patch kids. Oh and that cute lady in the background is Aunt Shala, Landons mom.

Red, White and Blue.

Fourth of July morning started at the parade. Even Aunt Nikki and Brooklyn came out.

The highlight of the parade, other than the firetrucks and horses. Seeing Grandpa dressed up as George Washington, and Uncle Paul and Brenda, and Uncle Bryan driving Pappa's beloved fast car. Dille and Associates out in the community.

That night we packed up the kids and went into Caldwell to see the fireworks. Carter slept in the car and for about half and hour as we waited for it to get dark. He was not a fan of the fireworks.

On the other hand, this little guy, Owen, LOVED them. As long as his ears were covered. So glad we were back in the States to celebrate the Fourth of July. Nothing like being home, back at home, in the land of the free and red, white and blue. Hugs, A

Dille's at the Lake.

The first of July we headed up north to McCall for a Dille family weekend. It was a full cabin and a great few days. Beautiful countryside, mountains, trees, the smell of fresh air, family time and a lot of cousin craziness. I believe this may be a new tradition. Mike and Owen skipping rocks at the Lake. Carter playing at the park by the Lake. Family photo op after an afternoon of boating.

Cousin Landon and Carter on Uncle Brian's boat.

Action shot on a full tube. Brenda, Mike, Carter, Shala and Landon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My family Side.

I realize the longer I wait to post the farther behind I get. Now that we are just one week away from flying back to Virginia and then another week from being back in the sandbox, it's time to get back to business.

Chad, me, Lori and my dad Woody.

When we first arrived in the States we spent a few days with my family. My sister and neice even came into town that weekend too. It was a nice weekend and for the most part the kids were great. I have to take into consideration I have two very active boys and add to that jetlag and some serious suitcase hopping travel from house to house. So given the circumstances a few meltdowns and throwdowns weren't that bad.

It was really great to see my dad, my brother Chad and his wife Cory and of course to Lori and Emma. We never seem to stay long enough, but get in a good day of relaxing and playing at Chads house. Good thing we plan to make another pit stop there before heading back to the sandbox. I haven't had my fill of these guys yet. Hugs, A

Grandpa Woody and the grandkids. Emma, Carter and Owen.

Aunt Cory and Carter.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long Time No Post.

Just in case you forgot what we looked like in our little July hiatus. Our little family at the Lake in McCall. Hey there. You still out there, beloved Dille blog readers? I know, I know I have been slacking this past month. Excuses? Sure I have plenty, but I won't even bother, you don't really want to read them anyways I'm sure. Instead here is a rundown of our past month in the States. (Sigh. God Bless the USA.)

Since my last post we have made it from Boise to Houston, back to Boise and then drove to Salt Lake for a week, made a quick stop in Logan for some new Aggie gear and now are back in Boise. It's nice to be back at our home away from home. I'm grateful my in laws still love us enough to let us move back in. Finally the suitcases are unpacked, with no sign of having to pack and go anywhere for at least three weeks. I am thrilled. There is excitement in traveling, but it gets old fast as a single mom with two little guys who thrive on routines and open spaces to run.
We said goodbye to Mike two weeks ago. He's back in the sandbox roasting to pay the bills and hold down the fort. Lucky for us, he loves and misses us so much he is planning to come back in August to fly back with me and the boys. See, I'm a lucky girl I tell ya.
The boys have been busy. We saw Cars 2 in the "big" theatre, also busy running in the yard, through the sprinklers, playing in the pool, slip and slide, riding big wheels, playing with cousins at the park and at the gym, spending as much time as they can with their grandparents and loving every minute of attention they are getting. Carter and Landon at the park. Owen below climbing on the monkey bars. Yes, still my fearless little climber.
Me. I miss Mike. The single parenting thing, even with grandparent help isn't the most fun. But although I miss him, I am loving being back in the States. I have a large mound of bags accumulating and getting ready to stuff into boxes to take back to Saudi. I'm a shopper, so it's been exciting to revisit our favorite stores and gather goods to take back with us. (The boys however after not shopping with me for over nine months have lost their store "etiquette.") Other nice thing has been cable-Bacherlotte anyone?, gym time, seeing family, driving anywhere I want and faster than 30 mph, yummy snacks and food, and freedom. It's nice to be home, to get dressed and go out without the Harry Potter cape and just be me. (Side note, did get to see the last HP and it was awesome!) Feel like me and not have anyone really even notice me. It's a good change for a while, to feel normal, to be back in America and remember and feel why it is SO stinkin GOOD to be an American.

Alright, let's talk food. Texas Roadhouse and Lupe Tortillas still as good as when we left. Jamba Juice and coke icee's heaven in a cold cup. Old Grist Mill and Great Harvest in Utah, Oh how I have missed you and am SO disappointed there is nothing like you here in Boise or in Saudi.
The past month has also made Mike another year older. On the 29th he turned 33. We celebrated with a cake- ALL 33 candles blazing, and birthday songs before he left.
We are enjoying our time here to the fullest. Enjoying all that we can while we are here. One more month left before we head back to the sandbox. You better believe we plan to live up the rest of our time here. So- this is your warning- I may not be up to my prior blogging numbers, but I will try. love you all! Hugs, A