Monday, August 22, 2011


Today. We went to church and Carter said his first prayer in primary opening exercises. I think he was more fascinated with the mic, but generally did a good job.

I still look at him and think, when did you get so big? Today we took a nap, and he snuggled up to me and we slept. Carter is such a special little soul. More than once a day, he comes and finds me, hugs me and tells me he loves me. He makes me feel special and so lucky to have him.

Today, I plowed through several posts in a desperate attempt to catch up on a summer. But with that also comes the feeling of remorse, because I didn't take nearly enough photos to capture our summer here in Idaho.

Today was our last Sunday in Nampa. Tuesday morning we head back to Virginia.

Today the family crew came over for dinner. The cousins played, the adults gathered around the dinner table and talked. I miss this. I miss Mike too. I'm sad to be leaving but so glad that in just a few days Mike will be with us.

I have four dish barrel boxes packed, now the magic will be to get everything else into one big suitcase and two small ones.

I think the kids are going to have a hard time leaving.

Plans for tomorrow, gym, pack, take Carter to the dentist (Uncle Bryan), a few last minute errands and possibly squeeze in some Mexican food.

Hugs, A

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