Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long Time No Post.

Just in case you forgot what we looked like in our little July hiatus. Our little family at the Lake in McCall. Hey there. You still out there, beloved Dille blog readers? I know, I know I have been slacking this past month. Excuses? Sure I have plenty, but I won't even bother, you don't really want to read them anyways I'm sure. Instead here is a rundown of our past month in the States. (Sigh. God Bless the USA.)

Since my last post we have made it from Boise to Houston, back to Boise and then drove to Salt Lake for a week, made a quick stop in Logan for some new Aggie gear and now are back in Boise. It's nice to be back at our home away from home. I'm grateful my in laws still love us enough to let us move back in. Finally the suitcases are unpacked, with no sign of having to pack and go anywhere for at least three weeks. I am thrilled. There is excitement in traveling, but it gets old fast as a single mom with two little guys who thrive on routines and open spaces to run.
We said goodbye to Mike two weeks ago. He's back in the sandbox roasting to pay the bills and hold down the fort. Lucky for us, he loves and misses us so much he is planning to come back in August to fly back with me and the boys. See, I'm a lucky girl I tell ya.
The boys have been busy. We saw Cars 2 in the "big" theatre, also busy running in the yard, through the sprinklers, playing in the pool, slip and slide, riding big wheels, playing with cousins at the park and at the gym, spending as much time as they can with their grandparents and loving every minute of attention they are getting. Carter and Landon at the park. Owen below climbing on the monkey bars. Yes, still my fearless little climber.
Me. I miss Mike. The single parenting thing, even with grandparent help isn't the most fun. But although I miss him, I am loving being back in the States. I have a large mound of bags accumulating and getting ready to stuff into boxes to take back to Saudi. I'm a shopper, so it's been exciting to revisit our favorite stores and gather goods to take back with us. (The boys however after not shopping with me for over nine months have lost their store "etiquette.") Other nice thing has been cable-Bacherlotte anyone?, gym time, seeing family, driving anywhere I want and faster than 30 mph, yummy snacks and food, and freedom. It's nice to be home, to get dressed and go out without the Harry Potter cape and just be me. (Side note, did get to see the last HP and it was awesome!) Feel like me and not have anyone really even notice me. It's a good change for a while, to feel normal, to be back in America and remember and feel why it is SO stinkin GOOD to be an American.

Alright, let's talk food. Texas Roadhouse and Lupe Tortillas still as good as when we left. Jamba Juice and coke icee's heaven in a cold cup. Old Grist Mill and Great Harvest in Utah, Oh how I have missed you and am SO disappointed there is nothing like you here in Boise or in Saudi.
The past month has also made Mike another year older. On the 29th he turned 33. We celebrated with a cake- ALL 33 candles blazing, and birthday songs before he left.
We are enjoying our time here to the fullest. Enjoying all that we can while we are here. One more month left before we head back to the sandbox. You better believe we plan to live up the rest of our time here. So- this is your warning- I may not be up to my prior blogging numbers, but I will try. love you all! Hugs, A

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Em and Tom said...

Love all the food updates. Glad you're having a good time:)