Monday, August 22, 2011

Red, White and Blue.

Fourth of July morning started at the parade. Even Aunt Nikki and Brooklyn came out.

The highlight of the parade, other than the firetrucks and horses. Seeing Grandpa dressed up as George Washington, and Uncle Paul and Brenda, and Uncle Bryan driving Pappa's beloved fast car. Dille and Associates out in the community.

That night we packed up the kids and went into Caldwell to see the fireworks. Carter slept in the car and for about half and hour as we waited for it to get dark. He was not a fan of the fireworks.

On the other hand, this little guy, Owen, LOVED them. As long as his ears were covered. So glad we were back in the States to celebrate the Fourth of July. Nothing like being home, back at home, in the land of the free and red, white and blue. Hugs, A

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