Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My family Side.

I realize the longer I wait to post the farther behind I get. Now that we are just one week away from flying back to Virginia and then another week from being back in the sandbox, it's time to get back to business.

Chad, me, Lori and my dad Woody.

When we first arrived in the States we spent a few days with my family. My sister and neice even came into town that weekend too. It was a nice weekend and for the most part the kids were great. I have to take into consideration I have two very active boys and add to that jetlag and some serious suitcase hopping travel from house to house. So given the circumstances a few meltdowns and throwdowns weren't that bad.

It was really great to see my dad, my brother Chad and his wife Cory and of course to Lori and Emma. We never seem to stay long enough, but get in a good day of relaxing and playing at Chads house. Good thing we plan to make another pit stop there before heading back to the sandbox. I haven't had my fill of these guys yet. Hugs, A

Grandpa Woody and the grandkids. Emma, Carter and Owen.

Aunt Cory and Carter.

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Em and Tom said...

Glad the summer is going well. You look a little bit like your sister!