Sunday, April 11, 2010

The family.

Here are the last set of Blue Bonnet pictures. I did write that I had A LOT and I wasn't joking. With plans to turn each year of the blog into our family journal it's hard to narrow down pictures. I know our boys will only be this young for so long and so will Mike and I for that matter. Time goes by so quickly and pictures and these memories will be all that we have to remember them. And I want to remember everything.

Mike wasn't able to make it out to the Blue Bonnets this year with us. He's been working really hard for a new client that hasn't filed yet, therefor he has little to no time to spend doing leisure activities with the family. So instead, we took my mom with us for the afternoon. She was wonderful, patient and did a great job taking photos of me and my little men. Here are a few of my favorites.
Mommy and Owen.
Carter and Mommy. He's been much more snuggly with me lately. Wanting to be held and hugged and I love the extra time with him as well.
We did a lot of this...
don't worry we only "picked" the yellow flowers. Even as Texas transplants we know we're not allowed to pick the state flower.
Grandma and Owen and the field of flowers. The other side of the field was more full, but this will give you an idea of what it was like. Really nothing compares to driving down the highway and watching fields of blue pass you by and to see cows grazing amongst acres of Blue Bonnets. What a blessing to be in Texas this time of year and to see the wild flowers everywhere. It's a small window in the spring that we get to see Blue Bonnets and it's somewhat of a Texas tradition to take your family dressed in white for family photos. After being here for six years I don't believe there is anything else that I look forward to as much as this. Thank you Heavenly Father for creating the earth and every living thing upon it. Thank you for blessing our lives with beauty and simplicity. We are grateful.


Tina & Greg said...

love the photos of you and the boys. AMESOME !!!

Erica Huff said...

You look beautiful in these pictures Angie. I love the one with you kissing your sons foreward. So priceless!