Friday, February 29, 2008


I was thinking about how to express my thoughts about this last week, well really about the past two months and the two months to come, and I came up with two titles, "spoiled" or "hurricane." I chose hurricane, but it's not as pessimistic as you might think at first glance. Here is why I picked the title.

Life has been crazy at our home for Mike since January and busy season began. This really isn't a surprise because it is Mike's fourth busy season, and his dad is an accountant so I had somewhat of an idea what was to come. Normally, when his client filed last week, we would have made it through the worst part of busy season. Mike would be home before midnight and we would start having Saturdays again. This week has been heaven sent because this is exactly what has happened. Mike came home early on Monday to watch Carter while I went to the airport. He's slept in later so Carter and I briefly get to see him in the morning, and he makes it home in time to have a late dinner with me and we also got a chance to watch Big Brother together. The best part was tonight he was able to leave before rush hour and we met him for dinner and he was home to help with Carters bath. I feel so blessed to see my husband again. I must admit I have been pretty lonely the last two months. I feel so refreshed to be able to spend time with my best friend. Just to sit with him on the coach and hold hands has been enough to make me giggle and put butterflies in my tummy.

Here is when the hurricane title comes in. My mom was in town last weekend and she commented on how great it was that things would continue to be mellow for Mike. That we should be able to see him more and that he'll have time to himself again. Think again, this is only a rare glimpse of Mike. We are in the "eye" of the storm. The calm, peaceful break between the other side of the storm. Starting Monday Mike will make his way to join the tax section of PwC and will embark on the second part of busy season. We're excited for him and know that this is a good move that will help to make Mike more well rounded and enhance his career. He's excited to try his hand at something new and I'm sure he'll do great. With this being said, I have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the "eye" and will be sure to take advantage of the last two days of the peaceful moments we'll have to spend time as a family over the weekend. Come Monday morning we'll be back in the hurricane of busy season and will look forward to seeing Mike come April. :)

PS. So I changed our blog header again for the month of March. This is what I can't decide. Should I leave the sides of the blog green or change it to blue? I'm also undecided on the header, it feels really light. Maybe I need something richer in color. Any suggestions?

*The picture of Mike and Carter was taken last night. It's not Mike's favorite picture of himself, but I thought the matching huge smiles on both of their faces was classic and this picture really shows how much Carter looks like him.


Modlmy said...

Hey there! I was just looking through some random blogs and I found yours - your baby is adorable! I hope y'all get through the "busy" season friends dad is an accountant so I know a little of what it's like:-)

The Hollemans said...

I would say since its March and St Patricks Day green is nice. But either way Im sure itll look great.

The Youngblood Family said...

I am with Marie about the color green and it being St. Patricks Day. But, your blog always looks great, so I am sure whatever you decide will look great. I think it looks perfect!

lynette said...

My vote is also green. Sorry to hear you are about to hit the second half of the storm. Hold on tight... you'll get through it!

HeRO said...

I really do love the header and the green. I think green is perfect for spring. Your blog looks so cute. I'm sorry that Mike is going to be busy again... I guess it'll give you an excuse to make some plans! Then it'll be that much more wonderful when he's home again. See ya soon!